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Picture of Asian Style Burritos

Asian Style Burritos

A riff on the Mexican classic turned Asian street food. Our Asian-style burritos mix combines the flavors of sweet and savory, infused with ginger, honey, orange, soy, garlic and onion. The rice is lightly scented with cilantro, Himalayan pink sea salt. We've also included our spicy mayo sauce mix for the best contrast between sweet, spicy and herbaceous. Rady in 20 minutes or less. Serve in a whole wheat tortilla with shredded lettuce.
Picture of Sugar Free Chocolate Frostie

Sugar Free Chocolate Frostie

Milkshake anyone without the sugary guilt? This frosty couldn't be easier! And ready in 30 minutes for a super slurpy frozen delight! Made with cocoa powder, erythritol and natural vanilla flavor. Just add whipping cream. Serves 4
Picture of Garlic & Parmesan Skillet Pasta

Garlic & Parmesan Skillet Pasta

Simple, easy and incredibly flavorful. Pasta coated in a light garlic, parmesan. Kissed with real chicken broth, pepper and salt. A winning combination for the entire family!
Picture of Bohemian Blue Summer Slush

Bohemian Blue Summer Slush

This pretty blue drink is perfect for any party or get-together! Looking for a fun and delicious blue cocktail that you can make in many ways? We have the perfect solution – our Bohemian Blue mix! For a creamy cocktail, simply add cream, vodka, and water. Or, turn it into a boozy wine slush by adding wine and water. Either way, you'll love the fun color, pretty notes of blueberry, raspberry, lemon, lime, and grape, and of course, the amazing flavor. And for a non-alcoholic treat, grab lemonade and water and freeze! Reg $17.95 for only $10 with any party over $300 OR for FREE with any party over $500 Limit 1 per host Available May only