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Your Body Will Tell You What Your Life Is Lacking

Your Body Will Tell You What Your Life Is Lacking

Quiet time is some of the most valuable time in our life. After a hectic day, a quiet period of time belongs to ourselves is priceless and saves us from the messy of every single day. It allows us to listen to the cues that our mind and body send. When they tell us that we need something, we should create a prescription for corrective action.


#1 Skin speaks the loudest.

The skin speaks the loudest and clearest. It sends all sorts of signals to us. When the body is regularly fed on a healthy diet, our skin glows. When we fill it with junk and overlook the importance of water consumption, our skin cries out for help. Seeing pale, dry skin and pimples is a sign that my diet requires an overhaul.


#2 Achy joints.

Achy joints is a cheeky one. It is often seen as an illness, however, it sometimes just needs some more activities. For example, when your shoulder feels hurt and sore, it’s probably because of the lack of exercise and stretching. You can inspect it by yourself and you will realize that it’s a sign to get moving.


Exercise is the remedy for many of our body’s ailments. We believe that more movement results in increased functioning of our joints and muscles. Keeping active is the answer whenever we feel like moving less.


#3 Lack of energy.

There is always a time that we feel lethargic and tempted to spend all day in bed. Although rest is important, there is an opportune time for it at night. If you’ve been feeling a lack of energy during the day time, you will need to consume more calories and do exercise so you can boost yourself from the inside out.

The best coach in life is our own body. We need to listen to it and keep ourselves healthy and fit. The signals it sends are direct and unmistakable.



Saving good, quality time for yourself, so you can listen to your body carefully. Knowing the difference between day to day in your skin, your pain and your energy is crucial. Next time, ask yourself “How is my body feeling today”?

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