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What To Cook Every Night This Week

We're solving the "whats for dinner" dilemma we all run up against time and time again with several smart Weekly menus!
Each Menu featured below comes packed with delicious standard and special products from our product line up, a full set of recipes, a shopping list & a Pantry checker-checklist.
Some weeks we're into lean protein and veggies and others all we want is a warm, cheesy pot bubbly away on the stove. Pick from our varied menus for fun foodie adventures all week long! All of our meals are designed to serve 4 - 6. For a full list of products available with each set, please visit our website and don't forget to shop with your amazing ambassador!


All of our meal collections contain everything dry you need to complete your meal including standard products, special products, grains, pastas, dried beans and legumes.  We take all the guesswork out of planning a delicious meal! Just pick up the fresh according to our shopping list, check the pantry and follow along each night's menu. Some of our meals can be made ahead for super easy busy weeknight dinner fare.