We're Celebratng SMORES

Smores take me back to when I was a kid.  Girl Scouts were filled with fun outdoor activities that often found us in woods, trails and mother nature.

I first learned how to build a fire, find a stick and shave off the outside bark to expose the soft wood under-neath.  Threading my marshmallows were fun, pushing them ever so lightly into the fire to heat up and lightly char the outside.

I loved golden brown and black charred marshmallows.  Something about that bitter charcoal flavor mixed with gooey sweet marshmallow makes my tastebuds dance.

A traditional smore : two graham crackers, a piece of chocolate and that toasty ooey gooey marshmallow slapped together bOld Fashion Smoresetween fingers that are bound to get chocolatey and sticky.



Fond memories 😘


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Jenn Aube, CEO & Founder

Foodie, Fitness Fan, Doggie Mama to 2 Shelties

This week we honor the Smore in our National Holiday Celebration with a few special sales and severl declious exclusive smore inspired sweets and treats.

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8/10/2018 5:28 PM
This is awesome!!! No I can have something S'mores during the Fall and Winter months.