Ways To Do Deep Breathing Exercises

Ways To Do Deep Breathing Exercises

Now we not only know why deep breathing can help us relax and release anxiety but also understand how much benefits it will bring to us. You are eager to learn and practice deep breathing, at the same time, not sure how to do it in a right and effective way.

We are going to talk about how to practice deep breathing. There are several ways in which you can practice deep breathing to relax both your body and mind. Consider these as your choices:

#1 Follow These Steps:

  1. Close your eyes, so you focus on your own breathing.

  2. Tense your whole body for four seconds while inhaling deeply, you should feel the air come deep down in your belly.

  3. Then exhale slowly, and feel relax while doing it.

  4. Repeating this three or four times can take you back to a state of relaxation and calm.

#2 Place A Hand Above Your Belly Button

Place a hand just above your belly button and breathe. If you're breathing deeply, your hand will rise and fall with each breath. When you take a deep breath, you will feel the breathing go all the way down to your abdomen. If your chest is rising with each breath, you're not expanding your lungs to full capacity. Your body lacks the oxygen it needs to thrive under the pressure of the moment.  Your lungs can expand without your upper chest rising. Only your upper belly needs to rise and fall.

At first, you probably won't breathe this way unless you're thinking about it because you're so used to breathe from your chest. Keep practicing often, and you'll soon be breathing properly all the time.

#3 Do It Any Time You Can Concentrate

We normally couldn’t realize from the beginning of the nervous and anxious. We notice it when it got somehow more severe status. Prevention is usually easier than cure, so we do deep breathing whenever we could focus on a full, slow, and deep breath. You'll improve your relaxation response to stressful situations.

You might feel a bit strange at first because you're not used to it. You may even feel a bit giddy, but that's normal. It'll pass with practice. You're getting plenty of air, even if you don't feel like you are.


If you struggle with worry, you can feel more relaxed and in control by simply controlling your breathing. Begin practicing deep breathing strategies today and experience peace in the midst of the storms of your life!

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