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The Power of Mindful Eating That You Would Have Never Known

The Power of Mindful Eating That You Would Have Never Known

The Power of Mindful Eating That You Would Have Never Known

What is mindful eating? There are three things included in it. First, mindful eating is eating only when you’re hungry. Second, stopping when you’re full. The last but not least, putting your full attention on the eating experience. Sounds simple? Yes, it’s not hard, but not everyone takes it as important as it should be.


In fact, there are very few people that eat mindfully, and it has its consequences. The obesity rate for those over 20 years of age is 40% in the United States. In Canada, the number is around 30%.

Mindful eating is a viable way of losing a few pounds. It is said that most people don’t eat mindfully. They might be watching TV, talking, playing on their phone, or thinking about something else while they eat. These are habits that lead to overeating and weight gain.

If now you want to do some small change, improve your health, and see the improvements in your waistline, here are some small tips for you to make small changes BIG!


#1 - Mindful Shopping

Avoid the tendency to just automatically buy the same things you’ve always bought at the store. Instead, ask yourself whether or not an item supports your health goals before placing it into your shopping cart. Be mindful of each item you choose to take home with you.

#2 - Remove Distractions

Eat with minimal distractions. Turn off the TV. Put your phone away. Close your book. Ideally, you won’t even talk during a meal. Clear away all the distractions and just eat. 

In fact, once you do that, you’ll be more close to the food that you eat, and it will make you taste the spice more, you feel the salt, the sweet, the chili, and so on. This is helpful to cut down a lot of the high-fat sauce. 

#3 - Start With A Reasonable Amount Of Food

This can be related to our blog last week. We spend a lot of time highlighting the importance of controlling portion sizes because it is very essential. (Now we sounds a little bit repetitive, lol) The more food you put on your plate, the more you’re likely to eat. Start with about 2/3 of your normal amount. You can always go back for seconds if you’re still hungry.

#4 - Put Your Full Attention On Your Meal

Keep your thoughts on the experience of eating. This isn’t the time to think about work, your boss, your significant other, kids, or bills. Relax and focus your thoughts on eating. This does not just help you to lose weight, but actually, helps you to have a quality relaxation time.



We are trying to look into some simple, easy to follow, and super helpful ways of getting healthier life. Mindful eating has a significant impact on your diet, both for physical and mental health. SO think before you buy, get rid of all the distractions, shrink the plate size a bit, and put your full attention on your meal!

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