The First Coffee Ever ... Made WIthout Beans!

The First Coffee Ever ... Made WIthout Beans!

It's 2021, and food scientists have invented tons of innovative and sustainable replicas already. The next product to get converted into a groundbreaking substitute?


Atomo Coffee has invented what they are calling “Molecular Coffee,” the first-ever to be made with zero coffee beans.

So what is it, you ask?

Its a ground coffee look-alike. 

You can put it through a brewer, just like you would any other coffee!

Why Molecularly developed coffee?

Well two reasons, acording to Atomo, the company working on this giant leap forward on molecular food :

1 - To remove the bitter notes in coffee.  Many coffee drinkers add cream and sugar to dull the bitterness.  According to their theory, by dulling the bitterness, coffee drinkers will most likely use less cream and sugar - which, is great for the waistline, right?

2 - Sustainability! Climate change is upon us and persistent and increased annual drought factors threaten coffee tree farmers each and every year from around the world.  Meeting the coffee demand (growing!) is making it much more difficult as the years go by.   Sustainable coffee without sacrificing our coffee loving sensory experience!

hmm.. the only thing we wonder! ... will they "ADD" in the caffeine? Naturally found in coffee... time will tell!

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