The DYB dashers

Meet the DYB Dashers! Each of these Dashers are competing in our Dash of Delish competition for fun, prizes and the top prize of $500 cash!

Check back often! We are updating our challenger list frequently while challenger enrollment is open (enrollment open Oct 12th through November 6th)

Last Update: Oct 12 2022

Erica Sisco-Dube "On a plate, I dominate!"

Dee Cooney "Let food be our medicine"

Anna Simard "A Dash of Sunshine and Delight"
Kim Pickup "Be prepared to get rolled over !"
Gloria McAllister "Think outside the box"
Wendy Gillespie
Marie Urness
Gloria McAllister
Krista Ford
Penny Niemi
Ashlee Jacobsen
Angie million
Cindy Dupuis
Trixie Rideout
Karen Campbell
Staci Meredith
Joanne Miller
Joy White
Jennifer Davis