Holiday Products

Step into the festive season with a bang! Here you will find the wonderland of culinary joy, brimming with everything you need to make your kitchen the heart of the holiday season. From the sweet aroma of baking cookies to the rich, comforting scent of holiday roasts, this category has it all!

So, why wait? Dive in and let the delicious adventure begin. Remember, the secret ingredient is always love. Happy Holiday Baking!


All products are only available through October 31st.

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Picture of Cranberry Nut Cheese Ball

Cranberry Nut Cheese Ball

This classic holiday appetizer is always a hit and so easy to make! Just add cream cheese and your favorite shredded cheese. We love white cheddar, Monterey pepper jack among other 'sharp' style cheese. The mix includes cranberries, pine nuts, pecans, almonds, and a perfect seasoning blend. Optionally roll your balls in fresh chopped parsley
Picture of French Bread Pizza Appetizer

French Bread Pizza Appetizer

The secret to this easy pizza appetizer is in the toppings! grab a loaf of french bread, some pepperoni, cream cheese, and mozzarella cheese alongside our mix and create the best flavorful pizza apple ever! 10 minutes or less! We call that a totally quick and easy appetizer WIN! Makes enough for 1 whole loaf of french bread cut in half and then cut into strips! 20 - 24 slices
Picture of Baked Broccoli and Cheese Dip

Baked Broccoli and Cheese Dip

Just mix, heat and serve - this warm cheese dip is that easy! Our Zippy Hot Broccoli Dip is ready in 30 minutes - all you have to do is partner it with some crisp veggie dippers and bite-size crackers. Just add fresh broccoli, mayo, and your favorite cheddar cheese along with our dip mix. Packaged in a scoopable jar. Makes enough for 14 to 16 cups of dip
Picture of Baby Piggy Blankets

Baby Piggy Blankets

You're not even having a party if you don't make our baby piggy blankets! Classic appetizer is so easy to make and such a crowd-pleaser! Piglets and sausages unite with this uber traditional fan-favorite appetizer! Skip the store-bought dough for this light and airy piggy blanket mix that will sure to help your piggies pop! Makes enough for 24 - 36 bites.
Picture of Garlic Parmesan Knots

Garlic Parmesan Knots

Foolproof, buttery garlic knots that come together in less than 30 minutes - it doesn't get easier than that! Makes 16 knots. Takes 10 to 15 minutes of prep. Bakes for 15 to 20 minutes. Perfect alone or as a dipper to one of your hot bakers!
Picture of Deep Fried Pickles

Deep Fried Pickles

If you're partial to comfort foods, these fried pickles are just as good as the kind at your favorite restaurant. Easy scoopable package to make as many or as few as you ish! Makes 5 to 7 dozen fried pickle rounds, 20 full-sized pickles.
Picture of Jalapeno Cheddar Hushpuppies

Jalapeno Cheddar Hushpuppies

The absolute best Southern Jalapeno Hushpuppies, ever! Hushpuppies are to Southerners what French fries are to, well, everyone. They're crunchy fritters in small bites with BIG flavor! Cheddar and little pieces of jalapeno in every bite! Makes 24 - 36 hushpuppies. These are great dippable appies too!
Picture of Magic Cracker : Original - Customer Special

Magic Cracker : Original - Customer Special

Our Magic Cracker Mix is the best invention ever! Just grab 4 sleeves of saltines (or other gluten-free saltines) and olive oil and shake baby shake! Our Original Seasoning is the perfect balance of savory seasonings to create a bold and unique flavor without being too hot or too spicy. November Customer special - spend $75 and get this FREE Makes enough for 2 batches (4 sleeves of crackers per batch)
$10.00 $0.00
Picture of Magic Cracker : Sweet BBQ

Magic Cracker : Sweet BBQ

Our Magic Cracker Mix is the best invention ever! Just grab 4 sleeves of saltines (or other gluten-free saltines) and olive oil and shake baby shake! Weet Bar-B-Q has some sweet and sass rolled into one. Makes enough for 2 batches (4 sleeves of crackers per batch)
$10.00 $7.00
Picture of The Ulitmate Candy-bar Dip

The Ulitmate Candy-bar Dip

The ultimate sweet dip. Need we say more? All-natural candy bars combined with peanuts and morsels of chocolate alongside bites of pretzels and toffee and caramel bits. Oh boy oh boy! Just add cream cheese, whipped topping and optionally your favorite caramel sauce. Oh, la la!