Side Dishes

When it comes to dinner, the main dish is usually the big event. But honestly, what you serve with that roast chicken, steak, or pork chop is just as important as the main attraction because let’s be real—side dishes can make or break a meal. And we don't mean to brag, but these sides have got it going on.  Packed with flavor and hearty enough on their own, these sides are so good, they may just outshine the main dish.

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Picture of Chinese Fried Rice

Chinese Fried Rice

This Chinese restaurant-style fried rice is the absolute best. It's quick and easy to make, customizable with any of your favorite mix-ins for a meal done delicious. Add tofu, chicken, beef or shrimp for a different variation every time! Serves 4 - 6
Picture of Zucchini hashbrowns

Zucchini hashbrowns

Looking for a delicious and easy-to-make side dish? Look no further than Do You Bake's Zucchini Hashbrowns mix! Made with potato flakes, chives, onions, and a hint of garlic, this mix is the perfect binding agent for your zucchini hash browns. Simply add zucchini and eggs to the mix and you're good to go! This dish is a great addition to any breakfast or lunchtime meal. It's also the perfect summertime side dish. Great way to use up your bountiful zucchini harvest. Makes enough for 2 batches of 12 to 15 zucchini hashbrowns