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September EZINE

Because the World Has Changed.. So Have We!

A few changes this year to keep you in the know

#1 - Monthly Editions! Every month we will have a NEW Ezine for the month filled with NEW products each and every month

#2 - Monthly Products! Our products inside each issue are only available through that specific month or while quantities last, if applicable

#3 - Instant Savings! NEW this year to help you stretch your dollars more!To save you MORE when you shop enjoy instant savings! Check out the Savings details on the last page of this Ezine! Earn up to $40 off your order, instantly!

  • Spend $60 and get $5 off : add code DYB5SE
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Picture of Beef Barley Soup

Beef Barley Soup

Rich, satisfying, comfort in a bowl. A hearty and delicious soup filled with beef broth and a careful blend of herbs. Make it simple or add extra veggies and your favorite cut of beef for a full and satisfying fall meal. Serves 4
Picture of Wild Rice + Mushroom Soup

Wild Rice + Mushroom Soup

Wild rice, vegetable broth, light herbs and spice mixed with a handful of dried vegetables and mushrooms blended together. Just add water. An easy and delicious meal especially during the fall season. Serves 4
Picture of Hometown Chicken Noodle Soup

Hometown Chicken Noodle Soup

The best chicken noodle soup homemade in your kitchen! You will be serving Warm Tummy Comfort that is great any day and perfect to help remedy a cold! Just add water. 4 Servings.
Picture of Plant Based Granola Bar

Plant Based Granola Bar

A hearty granola bar, not bread-like at all but more of a chewy granola bar with crunchy edges. Packed with whole grain rolled oats, coconut, seeds, chia and hemp. Sweet blueberries studded throughout. Healthy pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and flax for nutrition boosting. They are a perfect snack or even a great quick breakfast when you are on the go Makes an 8x8 pan of healthy snack bars. Incredibly versatile, can be made many ways!
Picture of Caramel Apple Breakfast Granola + Cereal Blend

Caramel Apple Breakfast Granola + Cereal Blend

Try our handcrafted Caramel Apple Crisp Breakfast Granola and Cereal blend. Only available throughout the month of September. We've taken handcrafted honey-kissed granola along with our superfood blend and combined it with a light touch of gourmet Saigon cinnamon and real apples.
Picture of Healthy From Home Baked Apple Kit

Healthy From Home Baked Apple Kit

Enjoy delicious baked apples from home, filled with cranberry pecan cinnamon struesel, topped with a crunchy vanilla granola. An easy baked treat, topped with a crunch. A healthy dessert or snack. Makes enough for 8 to 14 apples. Make one or make more than one per batch. Packaged in scoopable pouches with single & batch cooking instructions.
Picture of Sugar Free + KETO Fall Spice Snack Bar

Sugar Free + KETO Fall Spice Snack Bar

A soft-baked snack bar made with almond flour, whey protein powder, erythritol, and a blend of fall spices - a touch of cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice. Makes an 8x8 panful of sugar-free fall healthy snack goodness.
Picture of BAZINGA! - The ''ONE'' September Meal Box

BAZINGA! - The ''ONE'' September Meal Box

Our one meal box this month is a perfect comfort food meal. Our roasted garlic dip is full of flavor. Prepared in minutes, just add sour cream, chill and serve. Our French Onion Casserole is super versatile. Make with beef or chicken. Includes pasta, french onion sauce mix, and a crunchy french onion & panko baked top. Our Rustic tart features tart mix complete with dough mix, apple spice mix and oat crumble brown sugar top.
Picture of BAZINGA! - The Mystery September Meal Box

BAZINGA! - The Mystery September Meal Box

The mystery meal box is just that! A complete mystery. In your box, you will receive one meal mix, one dessert mix, one small bites/dip or appetizer mix PLUS a fourth mystery mix. Our mixes shipped in each box may be completely different! Order one today and one in a week and your mystery box may be entirely different!
Picture of Apple Fritts

Apple Fritts

The perfect fall treat. Apple rings dipped in the perfect batter, lightly fried in a saucepan and then topped with a delicious sugar sifted topping that combines notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and apple pie spice. Makes enough for 24 - 36 freshly fried apple rings. Just add apples, soda water and vegetable oil for frying.
Picture of Tuna Noodle Casserole

Tuna Noodle Casserole

No canned soup mix required! Make the best creamy tuna noodle casserole ever. Complete with pasta mix, sauce mix, and vegetables (peas, corn, and all the onion goodness you can get) A comforting and reliable classic dish, perfect for a busy week-night. Serves 4.
Picture of Sloppy Mac N Cheese Casserole

Sloppy Mac N Cheese Casserole

This casserole takes the flavors of a sloppy joe inside a big bowl of comforting macaroni and cheese. This is a perfect and easy weeknight dish to put on rotation! Two classic meals combined into one! Package includes macaroni, cheese sauce and sloppy joes mix. Serves 4