September EZINE 2022


Fall is here!Bright fall colors, cooler temperatures, and the smoldering scents of firewood are just some of the things that remind me of fall.

This month we celebrate the start of baking season and super simple freaking delicious meals from home to help you get dinner on the table fast and packed with tons of flavor.

We've brought back some of our top selling September products this year and you will also find many new and wonderful creations!

Easy, Freaking Delicious, From Home

Thanks for being amazing customers, amazing support of our ambassador community.

Jenn, CEO + Founder


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Picture of Artisan 24 Bean and Wild Rice Soup STEAL

Artisan 24 Bean and Wild Rice Soup STEAL

Artisan 24 Bean and Wild Rice Soup Perfect hometown soup. Light chicken broth with real vegetables and a medley of beans. GMO-Free and high in vitamin A and fiber. We packed our soup with onions, carrots, whole kernel sweet corn, celery, green beans, and green and white leeks. Includes delicious beans such as cannellini, Christmas limas, and appaloosas. Gourmet, hand-crafted soup for a chilly evening. Makes 4 - 5 YUMMY bowls
$10.95 $4.95