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Replace Your Nonstick Spray with This Clever DIY

Replace Your Nonstick Spray with This Clever DIY

High on our list of frustration is that delicious and beautiful quick bread or sweet loaf that has adhered and stuck to the bottom of the pan. Seeing those large chunks, stuck.  In best cases, it can be cobbled back together but to my naked eye ... it appears like a small creature attacked it!

For protection against mangeled loaves, and when a recipe calls to grease and flour pans we often today reach for parchment.  BUT! Parchment doesn't allow your loaves to breathe and you'll miss out on all that lovely caramelized crusty delishness of your loaf!

So .. butter and flour, or spray it is!

If spray eeks you out or if you've run out, here's a quick DIY recipe!

Combine equal parts of vegetable oil (or shortening or butter) along with flour. Your loaves will released perfectly! and leave that desirable crunch.

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