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Pumpkin Yogurt & Granola Breakfast Parfait Recipe

Pumpkin Yogurt & Granola Breakfast Parfait Recipe

These parfaits make a lovely breakfast or snack to enjoy during the day and with the mixture of yogurt, pumpkin, protein and granola they are loaded with digestion boosting probiotics and fibre so your body will thank you for all the love and goodness.



Directions to make your Pumpkin Yogurt Granola Parfait :

In a small bowl combine your greek yogurt and protein powder and and set aside

In another bowl add your Pumpkin Spice latte to your Pumpkin Puree and Blend

Time to Layer your dishes! Start with 1/2 the granola followed by 1/2 pumpkin, 1/2 yogurt mix.  Repeat layers and sprinkle a litle additional granola on the top if desired

Super easy and super nutritious and loaded with tons of protein

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