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Protein Powders

Busy lifestyles demand quick, easy and nutritious solutions. We have several delicious shake mixes to choose from to help you stay energized through the day! High-protein, low fat, and total deliciousness!

Our protein powders will give an extra boost of energy! If you want to destroy your protein shake boredom once and for all, these protein powders are for you!

Mix with water or blend up a delicious frozen SmoothZ with ice and water or milk. There are several perfectly portioned, individually packaged mixes in each box.


Protein Matters. It doesn't matter what diet you follow, protein is important. Protein is used to repair and build tissue. It's used to help regulate your hormones and body chemicals. Protein is the building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood.

My weight Loss + Body Transformation is natural.

No surgery. By 2017 (shown below) I had already lost over 100 pounds. My body shape was meh ... and I thought I still needed to lose weight to improve it - I.WAS.WRONG!

Protein has been one of the key components that has given me the ability to change the look of my body WITHOUT surgery or starving myself and without losing more weight. Embrace Fit and Healthy by packing your day (and snacks) with protein. Jenn - Owner & Founder

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Picture of Chocolate Lovin'

Chocolate Lovin'

SMOOTHZ IT! Busy lifestyles demand quick, easy and nutritious solutions. High protein, low fat and total deliciousness! Mix with water or milk or blend up a delicious frozen Smoothz with Ice and water or milk. x Pick up a Chocolate Lovin' SmoothZ for a delicious, yummy, high protein shake! Perfect before a workout, after a workout or during your day. x There are six perfectly portioned, individually packaged mixes in each box. x 31 g protein in each serving, as prepared
Picture of Tahitian Vanilla

Tahitian Vanilla

Delicious smoothie made with real Tahitian Vanilla bean and a touch of real French Vanilla flavor. Lightly sweetened and packed with ample protein per serving for a super nutritious drink.
Picture of Vanilla Creme Caramel

Vanilla Creme Caramel

Delish cross between vanilla and notes of caramel in every sip.
Picture of Cookies 'n' Cream

Cookies 'n' Cream

Vanilla with notes of chocolate and tons of creamy dreamy goodness in each ship.