Protein Bar Mixes

We weren't satisfied with the current protein bar scene, so we decided to give you the tools to MAKE YOUR OWN!

No bake, DIY Protein Bars in just a few easy steps! We now make it extremely easy and fun to make your own perfect protein bars at home. Get creative with protein balls, cookies, or other snack size shapes. Our protein bar mixes cater to personal flavor preferences of everybody!

Want to know what a fresh bar really tastes like?? This is it! Make insanely delicious healthier protein bars by adding water and your choice of coconut oil, nut butter, grass-fed butter, yogurt, or mashed banana!

Protein Matters. It doesn't matter what diet you follow, protein is important. Protein is used to repair and build tissue. It's used to help regulate your hormones and body chemicals. Protein is the building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood.

My weight Loss + Body Transformation is natural.

No surgery. By 2017 (shown below) I had already lost over 100 pounds. My body shape was meh ... and I thought I still needed to lose weight to improve it - I.WAS.WRONG!

Protein has been one of the key components that has given me the ability to change the look of my body WITHOUT surgery or starving myself and without losing more weight. Embrace Fit and Healthy by packing your day (and snacks) with protein. Jenn - Owner & Founder

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Picture of High Protein Snickerdoodle Muffins

High Protein Snickerdoodle Muffins

Do you love snickerdoodles as much as we do? Do you know someone who needs a protein packed lunch or a great after school snack? Do you want to try something new but are tired of tasteless healthy foods? Then these high protein snickerdoodle muffins are for you! Light and fluffy muffins rolled in a perfect snickerdoodle cinnamon sugar topping. They're just as delicious at breakfast as they are at lunch – and each one contains 6 grams of protein, prepared. These muffins are also perfect for after school snacks – your kids will love them!