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Picture of Beefy BanhMi Bowls

Beefy BanhMi Bowls

We've taken the traditional banh mi sandwich and turned it on its head! This quick and tasty meal has everything you love about the original but packed out into a satisfying dinner with fluffy jasmine rice. Sriracha mayo, pickled veggies, and saucy meat all come together for a Vietnamese-inspired party-ina-bowl! The meal maker includes jasmine rice, banh mi sauce mix, pickled vegetable brine mix and sriracha mayo mix Budget Breakdown Meal Mix: $9.95 Ground Beef: $4 Mayo: $.10 Optional Vegetables: $2 Serves 4 Cost per serving: $4.01
Picture of Chicken Schnitzel

Chicken Schnitzel

It's schnitzel time! Quickly press lightly pounded chicken into seasoned breadcrumbs and give it a flash in the pan for a gloriously crispy crust. Serve it alongside butter-tossed garlic potatoes and dressed greens for the perfect European-style meal! The meal mix includes schnitzel coating, garlic potato seasoning blend, and garden salad dressing mix Budget Breakdown Meal Mix: $9.95 Chicken: $5 Potatoes: $2 Lettuce Greens: $2 Serves 4 Cost per serving (with options): $4.73
Picture of Chocolate Brioche

Chocolate Brioche

Introducing our Chocolate Brioche! This decadent and luxurious treat is perfect for any occasion. Our rich and chocolatey brioche is made with only the finest ingredients and is sure to satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth. With its tender and fluffy texture, our Chocolate Brioche is simply irresistible. And because baking is easy at home with Do You Bake, you'll have this delicious treat ready in no time at all. Makes one loaf
Picture of Cinnamon Cruncher Cereral

Cinnamon Cruncher Cereral

Better than store-bought 'cinnamon cereal'. Made right at home! A great project for you and the kiddos too! It's so much better than that boxed stuff! This cereal is extra crrunchy, flaky, and perfectly sweet with lovely cinnamon sugar throughout. Healthy punch of fiber and almost half the sugar as compared to the store brand. Makes 6 cups of cereal per bag. Just add butter and water