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Plant Based Nutrition

Plant Based Products : NEW for 2020, We are launching a new line of products specifically designed for plant based nutrition. 

Our product line through the 12 weeks will cover both sweet and savory additions. 

Many of our products will use different types of flour bases such as Tigernut Flour - Tigernuts have an impressive nutritional profile.

There are an amazing source of prebiotics because they are full of resistant starch. Prebiotics serve as the FOOD for the good bacteria in our gut. This among others will be popping up in our products throughout our 12 weeks of wellness events. 

From sea vegetables to super greens. From hemp to chia.

From cholerella to Spirulina, from Maca Root to Mushroom Powder, we will have a wide variety of products available over the 12 week event for anyone diving into plant based nutrition, whether looking to incorporate a few more plant based meals into your week or following plant based diet approach as a way of life we will have something for the occassional plant based food seeker, to the flexatarian and the full plant based lifestyles

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Picture of Namaste GQ

Namaste GQ

We’re so excited about this granola – it’s crispy, crunchy, and nutrient-packed and the best part is that it’s packed with protein to keep you fuller for longer. We love having a small bowl of GQ granola as a snack or with milk for breakfast during the week. Just add coconut oil and a dash of agave, maple syrup or honey. Makes enough for 8 cups of granola. Plant-based snack
Picture of Gut Healing Sweet Potato Chocolate Mousse

Gut Healing Sweet Potato Chocolate Mousse

A healthy plant based chocolate mousse with half the sugar? Doesn't sound too bad, does it? Filled with a prebiotic, it contains tons of health benefits and is guilt-free. Just two simple ingredients are needed to make this dessert: sweet potatoes and non-dairy milk. Makes 6 servings