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Picture of Chicken Ranch Baked Penne

Chicken Ranch Baked Penne

This delicious casserole is filled with all things comforting: Penne pasta, creamy ranch style Alfredo sauce and lots of crazy good herbs. A family favorite for many years and this product is returning for our fall and winter season. Seriously bursting with flavor! Our package includes pasta and sauce mix. Feeds 5 to 6. Best part? Its table ready in less than 45 mins!
Picture of Garlic & Parmesan Skillet Pasta

Garlic & Parmesan Skillet Pasta

Simple, easy and incredibly flavorful. Pasta coated in a light garlic, parmesan. Kissed with real chicken broth, pepper and salt. A winning combination for the entire family!
Picture of Malmo Meatball Magic

Malmo Meatball Magic

Mushrooms, Onions, and a creamy gravy-based sauce gives life to this meatball and pasta dish. Jus An easy weeknight slow cooker meal. A homey, comforting meal. The mix includes pasta, meatball binder, and slow-cooker sauce mix. Just add ground beef, sour cream, and water. Serves 4
Picture of Viva Italia One Pot Pasta Meal

Viva Italia One Pot Pasta Meal

We're all about narrowing the gulf between you and a delicious homemade dinner. Let's face it, who really wants to clean up a bunch of pots and pans at the end of the night, right? There's no giant pot of boiling water to deal with and no colander to dig out of your cupboard. One pan and a trusty wooden spoon are all you need to put this dinner on the table. A creamy mixture of tangy sun-dried tomatoes and spinach makes for a meal that's all comfort and no hassle. Just add water, tomato paste, and extra spinach if desired! Great with chicken, beef or just as it is meatless style! Meal mix includes penne and spinach-sundried tomato cream sauce mix