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Picture of Sriracha Trail Mix Super Blend

Sriracha Trail Mix Super Blend

Enjoy a handful of dry roasted almonds, peanuts cashews and pecans. Mixed with dried cranberries, crunchy pretzels, spicy peas, sesame sticks and lightly seasoned squares. Packaged in our convenient Grab and Go Package. 5 individual servings per pouch. The ultimate quick munching snack on the go!
$14.95 $8.95
Picture of Classic Pumpernickel Bread

Classic Pumpernickel Bread

This bread will make you feel like you are in a German Bakery. A dark and slightly sweet bread. Filled with sourdough and rye goodness. Kissed with cocoa giving it that dark rich color.
$12.95 $9.95
Picture of Artisan 24 Bean and Wild Rice Soup STEAL

Artisan 24 Bean and Wild Rice Soup STEAL

Artisan 24 Bean and Wild Rice Soup Perfect hometown soup. Light chicken broth with real vegetables and a medley of beans. GMO-Free and high in vitamin A and fiber. We packed our soup with onions, carrots, whole kernel sweet corn, celery, green beans, and green and white leeks. Includes delicious beans such as cannellini, Christmas limas, and appaloosas. Gourmet, hand-crafted soup for a chilly evening. Makes 4 - 5 YUMMY bowls
$10.95 $4.95
Picture of Pink Donut Cakes

Pink Donut Cakes

An easy bakes donut that is painting the town pink! Light and fluffy vanilla donut tinted pink using pink pitaya powder, raspberry powder, and beetroot powder topped with a pink frosting and white sprinkles for fun!