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Picture of Cook-Out Cobbler

Cook-Out Cobbler

This cobbler is super easy to make and can be cooked in the oven, on the BBQ, or over a campfire. Just add some soda water or soda-pop, and your favorite fresh or frozen fruit or even canned pie filling, and you're good to go! Simple and absolutely delicious, our cobbler is a hit with everyone
Picture of Malmo Meatball Magic

Malmo Meatball Magic

Mushrooms, Onions, and a creamy gravy-based sauce gives life to this meatball and pasta dish. Jus An easy weeknight slow cooker meal. A homey, comforting meal. The mix includes pasta, meatball binder, and slow-cooker sauce mix. Just add ground beef, sour cream, and water. Serves 4
Picture of Yellow Jacket Muffins

Yellow Jacket Muffins

Lush notes of lemon and lime throughout this light crumb muffin. Soft, tender, and filled with delicious flavors. Studded with poppy seeds throughout. Sweet yet tart contrasting notes in this bakery-style muffin made from home. Makes 12
Picture of Steak Peppercorn

Steak Peppercorn

Tender, high-protein flat iron steak, pan seared to perfection Served atop a bed of creamy mashed potatoes seasoned with our garlic marshers blend as a hearty accompaniment Try adding a side of French green beans and vitamin-rich sautéed carrots tossed with our garlic oil herb blend All topped with a creamy rich peppercorn sauce