More Anti-Inflammation Practices, So You Stay Away From Chronic Inflammation

More Anti-Inflammation Practices, So You Stay Away From Chronic Inflammation

We’ve talked about some basic facts about inflammation and how to adjust your diet in the last article. We are going to tell you more smart way to say goodbye to inflammation!

#1 Watch your weight.

Experts debate whether obesity causes inflammation or if it’s the other way around. Whatever the case, the two conditions are closely linked. Shedding excess pounds often relieves arthritis pain and other symptoms.

#2 Measure your waist.

The way your weight is distributed counts too, because abdominal fat triggers tissue damage. The general guidelines for waist measurements are 35 inches or less for women and 40 for men.

#3 Move more.

Physical activity promotes weight loss and inhibits inflammation. Even gentle exercise like walking is effective.

#4 Floss regularly.

Your teeth and gums affect your whole body because the bacteria in your mouth can travel through your blood. Brushing and flossing each day gives you much more than a pretty smile. Dental hygiene protects your heart and other organs.

#5 Manage stress.

Maybe there’s a connection between your smart phone that makes you available 24/7 and chronic inflammation that doesn’t know when to shut itself off. Make relaxation a priority. Use your vacation days and unwind with daily meditation or a warm bath.

#6 Be patient.

While anti-inflammatory medications often relieve symptoms immediately, lifestyle changes take longer to yield results. It may take a few days to see the first results, and several weeks or months to achieve dramatic progress. The bonus is that there will be no adverse side effects.



Fight disease while you enjoy a healthy diet. Anti-inflammation eating is a lifestyle choice that can help you lead a longer and more active life, especially when you combine good nutrition with other positive habits like regular exercise and good quality sleep.

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