May EZINE 2022

Happy May!

'Tis the month where the flowers start to bloom, the sun shines a little longer and the outdoors begin to warm up!

This month we bring a brand new foodie fun line up! It's COOKIE month! and we're celebrating National BBQand #cheese all month long!

From plant based to keto.

From "Just add Water" to bakery quality products made right from home, we have what you need to liven up your foodie lifestyle this month. A little sweet, a lot savory and tons of delish!

Thank you for being a part of our foodie family and supporting our ambassadors business.

They matter, you matter and we'll all enjoy a virtual COOKIE or two together!


Jenn, CEO + Founder


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Picture of Tipsy Beef

Tipsy Beef

Includes a bundle of 3 packages! Best steak marinade ever... need we say more? Steak & Beer! is All ya need to make THIS super grilled and seasoned steak! Works with even a tough cut of steak or beef! Helps tenderize and taste-erize your cut of steak for super delicious grillin' Remember! let your steaks rest for 5 mins before serving! Helps distribute those delicious juices throughout And..don't forget! Cut against the grain for mouth-watering tender pieces!
Picture of Tipsy Chicken

Tipsy Chicken

One of our best-selling marinades of the summer, brought back this year! Step out of boring and enter the world of flavor-packed grilling. Don't let your dry boring chicken ruin your delicious summer grilling feast! Easy marinade using beer! Your chicken will turn out flavorful, delicious, moist, and amazing. This is perfect for a quick grill indoors or outdoors. Turns boring baked chicken into FAB! Just add our mix to your chicken with a beer and a little olive oil. YUMMY and flavorful chicken. The plate will disappear before your eyes!
Picture of All American Gourmet Style Burger Rub

All American Gourmet Style Burger Rub

The perfect combination of spices to bring out your burger flavor, lock in the juice, and liven up your burgers! It's great on beef, chicken, turkey, pork, and even bean burgers.
Picture of THE SINK - The Ultimate KETO + Sugar Free Cookie

THE SINK - The Ultimate KETO + Sugar Free Cookie

This cookie has been in the vault for 2 years and we're bringing it back this month! Chocolate, coconut, almonds .. oh my ... a cookie delight and you won't believe it's keto, sugar-free, and naturally gluten free too. We call it the SINK because we've literally pumped it with crazy awesome 'everything' in a cookie. Sugar-free chocolate, coconut, almonds, sugar-free nut clusters, and more. AND of course, it's packed with healthy nutrition - we've pumped up the protein and added fiber support too, to help you stay full longer and feel satisfied when the cookie monster cravings hit. Makes 12 to 14 cookies
Picture of Cherry Dream Cookies

Cherry Dream Cookies

Our Cherry Dream Cookie has been in the vault for two years and we're bringing it back this month! Our Cherry Dream Cookie features a chewy oatmeal cookie with crunchy edges studded with cherries and white chocolate throughout. A delightfully elegant cookie for all ages.
Picture of Cookies 'n Cream Cookies

Cookies 'n Cream Cookies

Our Cookies n Cream Cookie features a white sugar cookie loaded with white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and crushed creme sandwich cookies.
Picture of Bucking Bronco

Bucking Bronco

Looking for a delicious and Adventurous way to add some sweet and smoky flavor to your next meal? This is a perfect seasoning blend for beef, pork, and chicken. A great way to spice it up as a rub or finish it off with a sauce.
Picture of Taste of Valhalla

Taste of Valhalla

Taste of Valhalla - the perfect compliment to grilled, broiled, or stir-fried vegetables. Grilled vegetables are the hottest food of the summer, and our robust flavor boost will bring out the best in your BBQ. Packaged in a convenient seasoning bottle, our premium blend of spices includes onions, tomatoes, garlic, and bell peppers, all designed to enhance your grilling experience. So fire up the grill and enjoy the best that summer has to offer with Taste of Valhalla