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Happy March!


I am so freaking excited for this month! I say that every month! Seriously! Every month is totally fresh and new and different.This month we honor National Nutrition Month, celebrated each March of every year. Our special March product line up focuses on healthy eats! Meals, Snacks and even Desserts that give you a little extra nutrition boost without sacrificing on flavor.


This month is the perfect opportunity to kick-start nutrition initiatives at home, school and even work! (even if you are wfh! there's tons of ways to add new healthy you habits into your daily lives)


This is a great time to start kicking off your spring and focusing on making smarter nutritional choices, meals made from home with tons of flavor flare and packed with nutrition, with the help of course of this stellar line up of products making it oh so much easier!


PLUS! We are celebrating one of our favorite foodie holidays right here! National Black Forest cake Day! turned into 3 fun Black Forest kinda desserts!I cannot wait for you to dig in!


From healthy eats to sinful treats (that you totally can eat once in a while..)


we totally stand behind our motto -


Easy, Freaking Delicious, From Home.


Once again I truly cannot say it enough so you'll continue to


hear me to say it time and time again -


I Thank You for being a part of our foodie family and supporting


our ambassadors business. For being patient through our growth and


and all the world impacts. For supporting our organically grown


organization and all our ambassadors. You rock. 100%


Now..without further ado, let's healthy-out your March!


Jenn, CEO + Founder





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Picture of Sugar Free Chocolate Frostie

Sugar Free Chocolate Frostie

Milkshake anyone without the sugary guilt? This frosty couldn't be easier! And ready in 30 minutes for a super slurpy frozen delight! Made with cocoa powder, erythritol and natural vanilla flavor. Just add whipping cream. Serves 4