Knowing More About Protein Helps Us Make Better Health Program

Knowing More About Protein Helps Us Make Better Health Program

Have you ever thought about having a health program? Did you try to make one for yourself? Did you try to get help for the planning from someone else? How did it turn out for you?

We ask you so many questions because understanding your experience and your feeling is the first thing and the most important thing when looking for a healthy and happy life.

Today, we would like to talk about some myths of PROTEIN and that will explain a small part of the reason why we need a personal health program to help ourselves improve day by day.

Myth 1 - Protein magically builds muscle

One common myth revolves around eating protein such as peanut butter, meat, or other foods and magically getting big or strong muscles. Unfortunately, simply eating protein isn’t going to make you bulk up overnight. If you don’t exercise, the protein you eat won’t turn into muscle. You have to exercise regularly in addition to eating protein to see results.

Myth 2 - All protein is the same

Protein gets broken down into amino acids in your body. Does it really matter if it’s coming from a candy bar with nuts or a protein shake? The truth is that the source of the protein does matter. For example, animal and plant sources of protein aren’t identical. The main difference is that many plant sources don’t have all the essential amino acids your body requires. In addition, it’s harder for your body to extract some of the protein from plant sources.

What’s The Next - A Health Plan

Now we know that if we want to gain more muscle, we not only need to eat protein but need a consistent exercise plan with it. Now we know that the protein from different food has a different function to our body so that we need to know more about the food we eat.

To start the health plan, you need to set your goal. Is losing weight more important than gaining muscle? Or the opposite? Then you can set up your exercise plan and the amount needs for the protein. After that, you can try to make a meal plan and try to get protein from different sources to ensure you have different kinds of protein that you need.

Maybe it does need a little bit more effort, but then on the day you make your goal, you will feel more sense of accomplishment and joy.

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