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Know the Connection Between Calcium and Your Health

Know the Connection Between Calcium and Your Health

Do you feel like you get enough calcium? We’ve always known that it helps build strong bones and teeth, but do you still need it after you’re grown? Perhaps surprisingly, calcium is extremely important in keeping you healthy!

Calcium is an important mineral that has multiple functions in the human body. Yes, we need calcium for strong bones and teeth. However, it’s also crucial for heart function and muscle contractions, and it plays an important role in helping blood clots form normally.


Scientists continue to study the benefits of calcium. Recent research contradicts some of the standard ideas about calcium and the human body. Are the studies about calcium and your health creating confusion?


Let’s look closer and consider these controversies surrounding calcium and your health:


#1 - Recommended Daily Dosage.

One area of calcium confusion involves the recommended daily dosage. How much calcium do you need each day, and what sources should you use? The confusion stems from different studies showing different recommended amounts.

Experts continue to argue about the recommended daily dosage. However, most believe that you need 1,000 to 1,200 mg a day. This amount can vary based on your health and individual needs.

It’s recommended that you don’t go over 1,500 mg a day because it can lead to side effects.

#2 - Too much milk.

A study found that too much milk can be harmful. They found that adults who drink more than three cups of milk a day are actually increasing their risk of cardiovascular diseases. It will also lead to oxidative stress in the body. This also increases the risk of cancer in adults.

#3 - Bone health.

Calcium is important for bone health, but it’s not the only mineral you need to stay healthy. Vitamin D is also important, and new studies show that it may actually be more essential than calcium in terms of bone health.

Recent studies have shown that taking calcium supplements doesn’t seem to help all patients. In fact, the risk of fractures didn’t decrease for the entire group in the study. However, with high levels of vitamin D, patients didn’t need high levels of calcium to be healthy.

Actually, one of the studies, titled “Steingrimsdottir L. Relationship Between Serum Parathyroid Hormone Levels, Vitamin D Sufficiency, and Calcium Intake,” found that vitamin D is more important for bone health than calcium.


Calcium is no doubt important to our health, but will not be good if we consume them too much. Recommended Daily Dosage is 1,000 to 1,200 mg a day and please don’t have them more than 1,500 mg. Don’t drink more than three glasses of milk either. The last, for bone health, you can also get some Vitamin D to achieve your goals faster.


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