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KETO Weight Loss & Shred

About the Program While I personally did not lose the majority of my weight on KETO, we have chosen KETO as our weight loss plan and system because it can have a ton of amazing benefits when losing weight.

As of March 2019, we have to date held 2 different types of KETO weight loss shred, fully guided programs. A 12 week and a 6-week beta.

During our 12 week program, the average female participant has lost over 20 pounds and over 12 inches around her body.

We offer 3 fully guided programs a year that include a private community site, weekly meal plans, recipes and shopping lists, a support system & bonus fitness and activity trackers plus our exclusive product box full of products and components to help you stay on eating track and make meal prep easier throughout the program.

All program participants will be offered the opportunity to join our wellness community. A community dedicated to maintaining weight loss and feeling great.

Weight loss isn't about starving yourself.

our KETO Weight loss system is about fueling your body properly and giving it healthy-for-you nutrition, while following KETO way of eating.

Our next fully guided programs are available in September 2019 (after labor day) for 6 weeks: Registration open in July only.

and January 2020 for 12 weeks: Registration open in December

Limited spots for all our programs are available to ensure each participant receives the highest level support possible during the program

Ask your ambassador today for more details.





Energy Levels Rise

May protect you against type 2 diabetes

Liver gets healthier

Inflammation is reduced

Sleeping gets better

Carb cravings reduce

Concentration goes Up

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Picture of 7 Day Detox & Cleanse

7 Day Detox & Cleanse

Thinking about becoming a program member but not ready to commit? Or maybe you like to DIY your own weight loss! Kick-start your weight loss with our 7 Day KETO Diet Detox & Cleanse box complete with 7 Days of recipes + a product box filled with the components mentioned below and a bonus $35 coupon* off our 6 or 12-week shred held between now and January 2020. The value of our DIY 7 Day Detox program box is over $95. Our 7 Day Detox and Cleanse includes the following products: - Ten premium 0 sugar protein powder samples - Metabolizing booster - Cleansing Booster featuring charcoal - Purifying Booster featuring collagen - Inflammation Buster featuring turmeric - KETO Carb Killer Cookie Mix - 5 piece seasoning sample set * limit one coupon per person per program enrollment. Subject to program space and availability.