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When you are in a KETO diet that requires a very low intake of carbohydrates and a heavier consumption of fats and protein food choices can sometimes feel a bit tricky. Don’t worry! We have you covered! We have a great selection of KETO-friendly products for you! 0 added sugar and all natural.  We have just what you need! From easy meals to delicious desserts. Our products are not only within KETO guidelines but we sneak in a bunch of healthy too. Packed with fiber sources such as chia, flaxseed and psyllium husk! 

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Picture of Everything Bagel Crispnz

Everything Bagel Crispnz

Newly re-formulated and made KETO friendly! No Wheat! Just almond coconut goodness with tons of fiber! and a lot of everythin' goodness Makes 30 - 40 snack'n crackers
Picture of KETO Sandwich Bread

KETO Sandwich Bread

A KETO Sandwich bread that won't crumble and fall apart. 3g net carbs per serving when fully baked and sliced. Our sandwich bread is made with a combination of almond and coconut flours inflused with protein, flax, chia and psyllium husk. great for sandwiches. Great as morning toast. Delicious as a grilled cheese 'n' bacon sandwich. Mix makes 1 standard loaf size. Freezes well. *does not include seeded top.
Picture of KETO Chicken Parmesan

KETO Chicken Parmesan

Chicken parm doesn't have to be avoided on KETO with this perfect Italian no-carb mix. Less than 1.3g carbs per serving. Everything you need to bread and brown your chicken! And! this isn't just any ordinary coating. We've combined coconut and almond with a careful blend of Italian herbs and spices along with flax, psyllium husk and of course a good helping of parmesan and romano cheeses. Eat with a plate of veggies or smother in your favorite 0 sugar, low carb sauce and a good helping of shredded Italian Cheese. Makes enough for 6 - 8 chicken breasts
Picture of Hearty Paprika Burger

Hearty Paprika Burger

An all-around delicious burger mix-in. Fan favorite! This mix-in makes the tastiest, juiciest burgers ever! Paprika is packed full with a TON of antioxidants, such as Vitamin A and Lutein! It contains a great healthy dose of vitamin B6 and is an all-around super spice! Just mix this package in with ground beef for a sweet and smoky addition to your next burger. Makes 12 - 18 burgers. Gluten Free + KETO
$8.95 $6.95
Picture of Classic Chicken Salad Mix

Classic Chicken Salad Mix

A classic, herbaceous salad mix, mixed with celery, parsley, garlic and other fresh spices. Delicious on top of a bed of greens or in between sandwich bread. A great mix for anyone following a low carb diet. Gluten Free + KETO
$6.95 $5.95
Picture of Chocolate Zucchini Cake : KETO edition

Chocolate Zucchini Cake : KETO edition

This cake is moist and absolutely delicious. Loaded with chocolatey goodness. Veggie power boosted with your fresh zucchini. Oh and did we mention this is KETO -riffic? Our coconut flour based mix contains no almonds and is also great for those with almond allergies. Mixed with sugar free chocolate chips for added chocolatey sweet. Makes one 8x8 panful or standard size loaf pan
Picture of Cheesy K-KRAX

Cheesy K-KRAX

Keto, Gluten Free, Sugar Free cracker K-Krax is our signature Keto Cracker made with a base of coconut flour. Cheesy K-Krax includes a combination of real cheddar, parmesan and Romano cheese. Enjoy a hint of garlic, onion and herb in every bite. A perfect complement to your dips, your soups, your chilis and anything you just want to "dip" into. Makes 36 to 48 crackers
Picture of KETO Cobbler

KETO Cobbler

Perfect dessert for a cool evening. A versatile cobbler mix that can be used with your favorite berries : blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries or try our faux Apple cobbler recipe included on the package using Chayote Squash, similar in texture to apples and impart that crunch and slightly tartly sweet flavor of apples we all love. Serve with no sugar added whipped whipping cream and we promise, this will be a dessert you'll love. Serves 4. 2g net carbs per serving.
Picture of Anti-Inflammation Turmeric AM Tonic

Anti-Inflammation Turmeric AM Tonic

FREE SHIPPING on any order when you add THIS product to your cart! Boost immunity and stave off illness with this warm morning tonic. We promise, this isn't like a medicinal drink but a warming tonic .. almost latte made with turmeric and other superfoods for a morning boost.
Picture of KETO Cheesecake Brownies

KETO Cheesecake Brownies

Rich and fudgy brownie topped and swirled with a decadent vanilla cheesecake layer, KETO style Makes an 8x8 or 9x9 panful of total decadence. A total knock out dessert combining two favorites. Includes fudgy brownie mix and cheesecake layer mix. 4gnet carbs per serving
Picture of Sugar Free + KETO Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte

Sugar Free + KETO Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte

Our Iced Sugar-Free + KETO Green Tea Latte Pulverized green tea leaves mixed with real cream, real coconut, a blend of MCTs and erythritol to create an earthy flavor combined with vanilla and sweetness is what makes this latte decadent and delicious without all the sugary guilt
Picture of KETO Frozen Cosmopolitan Slush

KETO Frozen Cosmopolitan Slush

A twist on the iconic cocktail made famous by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City! Cranberry, lime, orange, and lovely citrus flavors pair beautifully together. Just add rum or vodka or even wine for a boozy slush. Turn this into a non-alcoholic friend by simply adding your favorite soda. Perfect for a summer filled with backyard fun! Choose from our Regular or our KETO & Sugar-Free versions. Makes 7 to 9 six-oz glasses of frozen slus