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Thinking about joining our KETO challenge?  Read more here!  My intro to KETO, my 100+ pound weight loss experience and what you can expect as a KETO challenge participant



I'm pretty excited for our very first 6 Week KETO challenge. 💪

I mean super stoked. 😍

This is the first time we have offered a full guided weight loss challenge using KETO.

In fact, the products that are shipped with our kits are specifically and specially developed JUST for our KETO shred program. 

AND we have offered the program at a SUPER Beta Discount!


A little background about me --

I am not new to weight loss, fitness and working out.

In fact, I've lost over 120 pounds naturally over the course of 2 years.

Since then, I have focused on building muscle.  Long story short (and there are a lot more details I will share) to build muscle you need to 'eat more' - aka, you have to give your body more fuel then it needs to maintain it's current size.

So while I build muscle, I also add fat. It's inevitable when you build muscle. No way around it. So for the last 2 years i have focused on muscle growth (ladies! stick with me and you'll learn WHY muscle is a good thing!) and have added more weight to my body while increasing my muscle mass

So now! with our September shred around the corner it is the PERFECT time for me to see what type of muscle i have built over the two year period and lose the extra pounds i have gained!

KETO is a diet style, over 100 years old actually and was developed for kids predominantly suffering from epilepsy.   According to countless scientific studies, KETO was extremely effective in reducing and even eliminating epileptic seizures. 

Since then KETO has taken a different forms and has become very popular over the last year because most people get some awesome results from

✔ Significant Weight and FAT loss

✔ Reduced Acid Reflux

✔ Increased Energy Levels

✔ Less Cravings

✔ Better Hormone Balance

✔ Reduced Gut Issues

✔ Significantly less inflammation


KETO is amazing for many reasons.


The reason why most people fail on KETO is lack of support, too much time needed in the kitchen, ingredients are hard to find and they can't figure out how to pack enough variety in their program


We offer A LOT in our program ..  I will pop in to continue to talk about our KETO shred.


You must be subscribed no later than August 17th because we ship out KITS the following week so we all can start together


I'll be popping in again over the next few days to acquaint you more about KETO, our program, what's included, what my Mantras are and more.  So if you are thinking of joining, keep an eye on our blog and hear more about my weight loss perspective and all that comes with our KETO challenge


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