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Picture of Tipsy Chicken

Tipsy Chicken

One of our best-selling marinades of the summer, brought back this year! Step out of boring and enter the world of flavor-packed grilling. Don't let your dry boring chicken ruin your delicious summer grilling feast! Easy marinade using beer! Your chicken will turn out flavorful, delicious, moist, and amazing. This is perfect for a quick grill indoors or outdoors. Turns boring baked chicken into FAB! Just add our mix to your chicken with a beer and a little olive oil. YUMMY and flavorful chicken. The plate will disappear before your eyes!
Picture of Tipsy Beef

Tipsy Beef

Includes a bundle of 3 packages! Best steak marinade ever... need we say more? Steak & Beer! is All ya need to make THIS super grilled and seasoned steak! Works with even a tough cut of steak or beef! Helps tenderize and taste-erize your cut of steak for super delicious grillin' Remember! let your steaks rest for 5 mins before serving! Helps distribute those delicious juices throughout And..don't forget! Cut against the grain for mouth-watering tender pieces!
Picture of Beer Batter Fish Fry

Beer Batter Fish Fry

Crispy, golden fish at its best! Just like your favorite fish and chips joint but done right from home! It takes less than 20 minutes start to finish! Super flavor + super easy, right from the comfort of your home. Don't forget the fries! Makes enough for 2 to 3 lb fish.