Jenn's Protein Jacked KETO French Toast

Jenn's Protein Jacked KETO French Toast

Give French toast an extra muscle-building kick with this sweet breakfast recipe that's high in protein and big on flavor!  Gone are the days when French Toast was seen as a high-carb, sugar loaded, cheat meal, and bring on the days of high-protein, easy to fit into any diet

This recipe uses the following Do You Bake? Products

Step 1 : Make your Do You Bake? KETO Bread mix according to Package directions. Let cool. Cut into 10 to 12 slices and let sit on the counter overnight (you want your bread to lose some moisture)

Step 2 : Cut your bread into soldiers (strips)

Step 3 : Make your French toast dip mix using the following ingredients

✅1 cup Cookies 'n Cream 0 Sugar Premium Protein Blennd

3 whole eggs (large)

1/2 cup egg whites

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

pinch sea salt



1. Empty all above ingredients into a blender and blend on  HIGH until fully combined

2. Pour mixture into a bowl

3. Heat a large skillet on medium heat

4. Add a few slices of bread strips at a time to your bowl. Coat bread. Only 10 seconds or so will do

5. Grease skillet with Coconut oil or butter

6. Brown bread on each side until egg mixture is cooked through and bread is slightly fluffy

7. Plate and serve with fresh berries and sugar free syrup of choice


If you aren't following a KETO diet, you can easily swap this recipe for any other bread. We prefer to make our own bread and for the highest nutrition, we would choose our Fmaily High 5 N Grain Yeast Bread.

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