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January EZINE

Happy 2021

'First - a word of Gratitude. Thank you for supporting our journey, our organizational growth in 2020. I along with my corporate staff and all our ambassadors thank you. We appreciate you supporting small business. Supporting a grassroots business built by us in Canada and the USA. An organization that supports many small entrepreneurs across both countries. The heart and the love you have shown each and every one of our ambassadors and our brand in 2020 has humbled me and gives me the courage and the drive to make 2021 an even better place to build business and enjoy real, delicious crazy awesome food.

Fun. Freaking Delicious. From Home

January - we're switching it up! Time we get back to basics and focus on some real good healthy food solutions to start this year off healthy and fabulous.

From immune boosting beverages to healthy meals.

From cheap eats to sinfully delicious desserts that are actually good for you

From One pot dishes to meatless mondays. We've got healthy covered and cant wait to share that with you

Thank you for being a part of our lives

and our communities and our family.

To you and a new year with new posibilities

Jenn, CEO + Founder



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Picture of Creamy Tuscan Chicken

Creamy Tuscan Chicken

This creamy Tuscan chicken is almost as good as a trip to Italy. An easy one-pot dish made from stovetop to oven with less than 15 minutes of actual prep time and ready in under an hour.
Picture of Sheet Pan Chicken Nuggets

Sheet Pan Chicken Nuggets

These oven-baked chicken nuggets are a healthy alternative to frying. A super easy meal, everyone will love. Use chicken tenders, chicken breast, or even thighs. Serve with your favorite dipping sauce, oven-baked fries, or a side salad.
Picture of Best Beef Stew

Best Beef Stew

Stay warm this winter with a classic and easy one pot beef stew. Easy to make stovetop, simmering along for a few hours. Easy to pop in the slow cooker and cook while you just get busy doing you during the day. Equally easy to make with your instapot when you are short on time
Picture of Pesto Chicken 'n Pasta

Pesto Chicken 'n Pasta

Our meal set features our signature pesto sauce mix made with real basil, a medly of herbs, sprinkled with parmesan and romano and finished off with a touch of pistachio. and walnuts. Kissed with a dash of spirulina for superfood healthy you benefits. Just add water, oil and a handful of your favorite greens for the perfect pesto sauce. Includes fusili pasta. Serves 4
Picture of Salisbury Steak

Salisbury Steak

A simple one pot meal. A llght peppery coating atop a delicious mushroom sauce kissed with onion, pepper and garlic. Low carb meal boasting less than 5 grams net carbs per serving. Serves 4
Picture of Caribbean Chicken Stir Fry

Caribbean Chicken Stir Fry

A super easy rice and chicken dish packed with flavors from the Caribbean. A flavor explosion in one dish! Our meal kit includes Caribbean chicken marinade and seasoning and a package of rice. Just add chicken and your other favorite vegetables for a complete, healthy and wholesome good meal. Serves 4
Picture of Lemon Florentine

Lemon Florentine

Low Carb Pasta and chicken swimming in a thick creamy sauce lightly flavored with garlic, onion, salt and pepper. A comfort meal without all the extra carbs. Our meal mix features the florentine sauce mix (just add water!) and a low carb pasta made with cauliflower. Serves 4
Picture of Lentil Tacos

Lentil Tacos

The easiest one pot meal, ever. Dump our mix, add water, cook, simmer and stir. Serve with tortilla shells and top with your favorite vegetables. This is a super high in fiber, protein and iron. One serving provides over half your recommended daily needs of folate. Big on flavor. Meatless Monday kinda dish to please a crowd. Includes lentils. Serves 4