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Is Revenge Bedtime Procrastination Keeping You Up?

Is Revenge Bedtime Procrastination Keeping You Up?

Revenge bedtime procrastination may sound like an odd phrase. However, it’s a common condition that involves stressful days and sleepless nights.

Researchers use it to describe what happens when you voluntarily put off going to bed because you want some time for yourself after a day filled with meeting external expectations. It could mean playing video games and watching Netflix or doing something more constructive like studying for a degree.


In the short term, you probably feel like you’re winning because you’re doing things you want to do. Unfortunately, sleep deprivation is going to catch up with you. That can dull your thinking, make you gain weight, and undermine your overall health.


Taking time for yourself and self-help activities is essential, but there are safer ways to go about it. Try these suggestions for overcoming revenge bedtime procrastination.

Make Your Days More Fulfilling :

#1 Schedule your activities.

You have to know where your time is going before you can reclaim it. Creating a written schedule will help you identify your priorities and track your progress.

#2 Set goals.

You’ll feel more engaged when you have something to strive for each day. Make your goals challenging and realistic. Break them down into short- and long-term targets.

#3 Help others. 

Being generous builds your confidence and strengthens your relationships. Volunteer in your community. Look through your network to find job hunters and colleagues who would appreciate introductions and referrals.

#4 Work out.

Staying active will sharpen your thinking and give you more energy. Start your day with a run through the park or take a dance class at lunchtime.

#5 Simplify your routines

Some of the tasks you struggle with may be unnecessary. Buy an automatic vacuum cleaner and get a haircut that’s easy to maintain.

#6 Get organized.

Maybe your essential tasks can be less time-consuming too. Clear away clutter in your home and office. Arrive at work early, so you can speed through your to do list with fewer distractions.


#7 Set boundaries.

It's easy for your personal and professional roles to blur together when you’re working from home. Take breaks throughout the day and try to designate a separate space for business.

#8 Think positive

Changing your attitude can transform your experience. Focus on the purpose behind what you're doing and have fun with your chores.


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