Is Protein Powder Right for You?

Is Protein Powder Right for You?

Protein powder has gone mainstream. It used to be a product used mainly by bodybuilders and athletes. Today, more than 10% of adults have tried protein supplements, and annual sales are projected to reach $8 billion by 2020, according to some trade groups.

With so many brands to choose from and the relatively high cost per serving, shopping for a protein powder can be confusing.

Use this checklist to decide if you need such supplements and learn how to use them effectively.

#1. Increase muscle.

Wanting to build bigger and stronger muscles is still the most common reason for using protein powder. Many studies suggest that these products can be effective when combined with intense workouts.

#2. Lose weight.

High protein diets have become popular for weight loss because they tend to suppress appetite and help you to shed fat instead of muscle. It can be an effective strategy if you avoid going to extremes.

#3. Recover from injuries.

For minor injuries, protein may help your body to repair itself faster. Make it part of your recovery plan, along with adequate rest and following your doctor’s recommendations.

#4. Age gracefully.

It can be difficult for seniors to get all the nutrients they need on a restricted diet and compensate for the muscle loss that accompanies growing older. Protein powder can help with both goals.

#5 Talk with your doctor

Share any concerns you have with your doctor. Protein supplements are not recommended for teens or anyone with kidney conditions or diabetes.


You might consider putting protein powder in your diet plan if you want to build bigger muscles, or you want to lose weight without losing your muscles. Otherwise, you can bring this topic to your doctor if you have injuries or a restricted diet situation!

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