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Is Milk the Only and the Best Calcium Resource?

Is Milk the Only and the Best Calcium Resource?

We’ve talked about the connection between calcium and your health. We mentioned the decent amount of calcium you should have a day and how it affects your bone health. Today we’re going to talk about the sources of calcium.

Where do you find calcium?

Surely you’re familiar with the milk commercials, but dairy isn’t the only source of calcium. You can also find it in leafy green vegetables, tofu, nuts, other foods, and supplements. Here is some advice about calcium sources. What is the best way to get enough calcium into your daily diet? Researchers continue to debate and create confusion about this topic.


Supplement VS. Food

According to several studies, patients may not be able to absorb all of the calcium in a supplement. Experts suggest that patients use food as their source of calcium. However, this also creates questions about which food source is the most helpful.


Which food source benefits the most?

For years, the dairy industry has touted milk and other dairy products as the best sources of calcium. However, patients with lactose-intolerance and dairy allergies have to turn to other sources.

You can also find calcium in salmon, collard greens, broccoli, kale, figs, oranges, white beans, okra, and soy products. Also, there are calcium-fortified foods such as granola, cereals, and other products.

It’s important to find a source of calcium that you enjoy eating frequently. Try different foods until you find your favorite calcium source. Experiment with new foods and ideas that will help you get this important mineral.



Calcium is an essential mineral, and it’s not easy to get enough. However, following the latest research will keep you abreast of expert recommendations. For your best results, ensure that you eat a variety of foods that have calcium each day.



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2/9/2021 9:57 PM
For years, I taught people to not drink cow's milk and to be very careful as to the type of cheeses they consumed.
Cow's milk does contain calcium but people aren't built like cows and thus, cannont utilize the calcium.
Interestingly, people are the only ones who drink milk after they are weaned. Animals drink water.