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Is Diet Soda Really A Good Option For “Healthy Swap”? - 3 Foods That Dietitians Avoid

Is Diet Soda Really A Good Option For “Healthy Swap”? - 3 Foods That Dietitians Avoid

We’ve talked about three foods that the dietitians would like to avoid in the last article. Fat-free salad dressings, refortified grains, and rice cake. Today we’re going to talk about another three that we think it’s not really helpful for you when you think it’s a “healthy swap”.

#1 - Diet soda.

You’ll often see people choose diet soda over regular because they think they’re making a wiser decision. However, registered dietitians won’t drink it.

Diet soda isn’t a healthier option. It has artificial sweeteners that have been linked to a higher risk of obesity and diabetes.

You may think that by drinking diet soda you’ll lose weight. However, the opposite is true, and the word diet is very misleading in its name. You may actually gain weight and hurt your health.

#2 - Pretzels.

Pretzels tend to have a lot of calories and salt. They’re also high in carbohydrates. In most cases, they lack fiber, vitamins, or minerals. You may think they’re a healthier alternative to chips, but the truth is that they’re just as bad. Both types of food can hurt your weight loss plans and spike your blood sugar levels.

For a real better choice of healthier snacks, you can try almonds, lightly seasoned popcorn, Edamame, and so on! For more information on this topic, you can go just two articles before this one. 

#3 - Farm-raised shrimp.

The fact that many registered dietitians won’t eat farm-raised shrimp surprises people.  

This type of shrimp isn’t the healthiest option because it can be filled with chemicals and antibiotics. You really don’t have any way of knowing what additives might be in your shrimp from the farm. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find shrimp that isn’t raised on a farm.

Ask where your shrimp is from and try to avoid the farmed versions. One report found high levels of bacteria in farmed shrimp, so ask questions before buying them and ensure you know they’re safe.


Registered dietitians avoid some items that many people think are healthy. Their training and experience have shown them that it’s better to avoid these specific products. Take advantage of their knowledge and use it to help you and your family be healthier.



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