How to Shed the Winter Weight Gain

How to Shed the Winter Weight Gain

If you've indulged over the holiday season or cut down on your activity during the winter months, you may have packed on a few extra pounds. Wouldn't you like to shed that winter weight gain before the warm weather returns?

Rather than choosing the latest diet of the week, you could, instead, implement some sound strategies that have been proven to be effective in losing weight and keeping it off.


Here are some exercise tips to help you say "goodbye" to those extra pounds forever:

Staying indoors more during the winter doesn't mean you need to be less active! Follow these exercise techniques to bring you a variety of activities to tone up and slim down.

#1  Begin slowly

Don't overdo it when you begin to exercise - you'll only strain muscles! Invest in a good pair of walking shoes and begin by walking for fifteen minutes per day. When you feel your body adjusting to the fifteen minutes, walk longer. Do this with any exercise, inside or out, to build a healthy, strong, and slimmer body.

#2 Enjoy the variety

Doing the same exercise over and over again is a good way to fail before you begin. Include an assortment of exercises in your plan. Make it fun! For example, combine yoga with strength training. If you don't have strength training equipment, use canned foods or other items as your weights.

Any activity that gets you moving is an exercise. Play actively with your pets or children.  Put on some music and dance while you cook or clean house.
 Instead of sitting on the couch, ride an exercise bike while you watch TV.
 Take the stairs instead of the elevator. 

#3 Enlist a friend

The easiest way to keep up with your exercise routine is to have someone by your side who also wants to lose weight. Remind each other how important your weight loss goals are.

#4 Set goals and keep track of them

Get a diary or notebook and write down your goals. Keep track of how much weight you're losing and what types of exercises you're doing.


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