How To Control My Portion Sizes If Dining Out?

How To Control My Portion Sizes If Dining Out?

How To Control My Portion Sizes If Dining Out?

We talked about tips for controlling your portion sizes when you eat from home this week. Planing a weekly menu makes you easy to aware of the amount you eat every week. Learn how to recognize the portion by reading the package labels and measuring by your eyes. Choosing a smaller plate to make you feel generous with the food amount.

But you asked, what if we are dining out? How can I control the portion in this case? Don’t worry, there are some tips for you!

#1 - Set Aside Leftovers Immediately

The same strategy works when you're eating out. Cut your hamburger in half and push the remainder to the side. If your powers of resistance need a little support, ask ahead for half of your meal to be packed to go.

#2 - Ask For Sauces On The Side

Sauces and dressings can add a lot of calories to otherwise healthy dishes. Request that condiments be served on the side so you can control how much you use.

#3 - Order The Smallest Size

You can minimize the damage at fast food places by ordering the smallest size on the menu. Hot French fries taste better so you can actually have a more satisfying experience by eating less.

#4 - Share a meal with a friend

Splitting a meal is often more fun than having leftovers. Ask your server to divide it or just bring two spoons if you're very close friends.

#5 - Ask questions

Some items are obviously dangerous to your diet, but others may require clarification. Ask what's in the salad or how big the seafood platter is. You may want to leave out the bacon or decide that the appetizer has enough calories for a whole meal.


The power of controlling your portion is way more than you thought. You can still have all the food you like, by just counting how much you had it. Because of the truth that you really aware of eating them, you get more satisfaction and healthy life!

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