How to Boost Serotonin So You Can Hit The Weight Losing Goal

How to Boost Serotonin So You Can Hit The Weight Losing Goal.

In the last post, we’ve mentioned that serotonin has these functions: It curb your appetite and resist cravings. It helps you to burn more calories, reduce emotional eating. It is crucial to know your body and know how to adjust serotonin in your body by adjusting your lifestyle.

How to Boost Serotonin:

#1 Work out.

Physical exercise increases serotonin. Aim for at least 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity activity. Focus on cardio activities and strength training if you’re trying to lose weight.

#2 Adjust your diet.

A nutritious diet rich in whole foods supports serotonin production. For a bigger boost, consume probiotics and foods high in tryptophan, like salmon and chia seeds.

#3 Manage stress.

On the other hand, cortisol and other stress hormones suppress serotonin. Develop a daily practice of taking time to relax.

#4 Consider supplements.

While research findings are mixed, some adults report positive results using serotonin supplements. You can also find formulas with related substances like 5-HTP and vitamin D.

#5 See your doctor.

There can be many medical reasons why you have trouble losing weight. Your doctor can help you understand your serotonin needs and other treatment options.

Other Natural Appetite Suppressants:

#1 Eat more fiber.

Along with serotonin and exercise, there are many more natural and safe ways to regulate hunger. One of the most effective is focusing on foods high in fiber that will fill you up with fewer calories.

#2 Drink water.

Beverages with little or no calories can quench your thirst and make food easier to resist. Sip water or tea throughout the day.

#3 Slow down.

Your brain needs about 20 minutes to register that it’s full. Sit down and savor your food. Talk with your family or dinner companions. You’ll make mealtimes less fattening and more fun.

#4 Add spices.

Certain seasonings can put the brakes on your appetite. Flavor your dishes with ginger, black pepper, and cinnamon.

#5 Distract yourself.

Remember there’s a difference between true hunger and appetite. You may be eating for psychological reasons if you only want something specific, like ice cream or pizza. Entertain yourself with activities other than food and give your cravings time to pass.


When your serotonin levels are balanced, you’ll have more energy and feel full while eating less food. Along with losing weight, you may also enjoy greater happiness, sounder sleep, and significant relief from headaches and many other common conditions.

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