How Onions Can Help You With Coughs and Other Illnesses?

How Onions Can Help You With Coughs and Other Illnesses?

Using onions for coughs

Some onions remedy tips:

There are several home remedies that use onions to relieve coughing.

The simplest remedy is to take a large, white onion and peel it. Then, slice some of the top off, so it’s flat. Next, put the onion in a small bowl. Pour about two or more tablespoons of honey on top of the onion and let it sit for a couple of hours. Take a teaspoon of the honey when you cough.

Another way to prepare onions for coughs is to cook them. Start by cutting an onion into small pieces and add it to a pot. Add about half a cup of honey and slowly heat it. Turn off the heat once the onions are clear and let the mixture cool. Take a teaspoon of the honey every couple of hours.

In some cases, eating too much onion can cause stomach issues. So use these remedies in moderation.

Using onions for other illnesses.

This vegetable has many uses. You may want to put a piece of raw onion on your skin after a sprain or muscle issue. The onion is supposed to draw blood closer to the skin and promote healing.

A raw onion may also help a bruise heal. But don’t put it on an open wound or sore.

Some people put raw onions in their socks at night when they’re sick to draw out the illness from the body. This may not always work, and it’s important to wash the socks well and throw away the onion after you use it.

Onion soup is another popular home remedy that is easy to make. You may want to use onion soup when you have a cold or flu. It may also help urinary tract infections and kidneys issues. Add bone broth to it for more health benefits.

Consider using garlic and onion together in your home remedies for even greater germ-fighting power.


With their antioxidant and antibacterial properties, onions are truly a healing powerhouse when you consider all the health issues they can help you with. From relieving bruises and sprains, to helping you get over your colds and coughs, to helping prevent cancer, and more, onions can help. Plus, they’re safe to use in many home remedies.

Give onions a try! If you have concerns about using them, talk to your doctor first.

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