Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Candy Your Kids Will Love

Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Candy Your Kids Will Love

Your kids will love healthy alternatives to Halloween candy if you make them frightfully good. These are some ideas for healthy holiday food and celebrations that are low on sugar and still a lot of fun.

Healthy Foods to Substitute for Traditional Halloween Candy:

#1 Make your own sinister snacks.

Kids love gross things. Use cookie cutters to design homemade cookies in shapes like ghosts and bats. Bake gingerbread zombies with missing limbs. You can adjust the conventional recipes to lower the sugar and substitute whole grain flour for half the white flour.

Kids will also love to eat fruit and vegetables if you arrange them right. Peel grapes so that they look like eyeballs. Make a skeleton shape out of carrot sticks and sliced vegetables.

#2 Try sugar free or organic candy and gum.

If you want to serve candy, try sugar free or organic brands. Read the labels to check on any chemicals you want to avoid and to find out how much sugar they contain. Sugar free gum is especially good to help keep dental plaque from forming if your kids eat any sugary candy. It stimulates saliva and can help fight tooth decay.

#3 Hand out healthier foods

There are lots of nutritious foods you can hand out for trick or treating or at parties. Focus on sturdy fruits and vegetables like baby carrots, raisins, apples, oranges, or bananas. Try pre-packaged cheese sticks or make your own packets of nuts.

·  Beware of cereal bars that may have as much sugar and fat as candy.

·  Create your own trail mix with granola, nuts, and dried fruit.

·  The sophisticated older child may even like seaweed or unsalted soy nuts.

#4 Serve hot chocolate or juice.

Water is the best way to quench your kid's thirst, but controlled portions of other liquids can also be reasonable choices. Small servings of hot chocolate will provide some warmth if the weather has already turned cold.

Individual juice boxes with straws will provide hydration and vitamins while keeping sugary drinks from sticking to your kid's teeth.


There are multiple ways to have your kids consuming healthy “candies” on Halloween! Use your creativity and share it with us! Your kids might even find it better than the not-so-healthy candies!

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