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Health + Wellness Event 2020

Welcome to our 2nd Annual Health and Wellness Event of 2020. Starting January 1st for twelve weeks, we will release NEW products devoted to all different aspects of health and wellness.

This year you will find variety of products that support

KETO Diet Protocols :  Our KETO products for our Wellness 2020 release are what we like to call KETO 2.0.  They not only focus on super low carb profiles but equally focus on plant based sources that improve nutrition at all levels but still keep you in KETO approved limits.  In our KETO 2.0 approach, our products may include new functional flour blends, adaptogenic support to help fight adrenal fatigue and balance your hormones, electrolyte balance and support and vitamins and minerals that keep your bones, muscles and immune system strong.  KETO 2.0 is not just about fitting into the macros, it's about balancing the macros with better health choices to support the many functions of our body to live healthier lives.

Plant Based Products : NEW for 2020, We are launching a new line of products specifically designed for plant based nutrition.  Our product line through the 12 weeks will cover both sweet and savory additions.  Many of our products will use different types of flour bases tsuch as Tigernut Flour - Tigernuts have an impressive nutritional profile. There are an amazing source of prebiotics because they are full of resistant starch. Prebiotics serve as the FOOD for the good bacteria in our gut. This among others will be popping up in our products throughout our 12 weeks of wellness events.  From sea vegetables to super greens. From hemp to chia. From cholerella to Spirulina, from Maca Root to Mushroom Powder, we will have a wide variety of products available over the 12 week event for anyone diving into plant based nutrition, whether looking to incorporate a few more plant based meals into your week or following plant based diet approach as a way of life we will have something for the occassional plant based food seeker, to the flexatarian and the full plant based lifestyles

Cognitive Health Boosting Additions : In 2020 we seek to boost our cognitive health.  We agree.  Having a healthy brain, one that helps us focus better, be alert and easily manage through our day is just as important as all the other areas of our body.  Watch for our products that contain nootropic properties.  Nootropic foods boost cognitive health. Like turmeric, broccoli, spinach, walnuts, blueberries among others.

Regenerative Health : Two Words - Sleep Better.  An alarming trends shows that many of us are sleep deprived. We just either don't get enough sleep or we aren't sleeping well enough.  You will find products among our releases to help with sleep. A bed time snack, so to speak, filled with oh so much goodness that just helps relax our muscles and mind to achieve a much better sleep cycle. From pistachios and Ashwagandha to Chamomile and Lavendar, you will find products here over the next 12 weeks with these additions to reduce stress and help you sleep better. Ashwagandha has been used in Chinese medicine for years as a powerful adaptogen to help reduce stress

And that's just some of our heavy hitters. You will also find gut health ane prebiotic support, You will find stress relief and adaptogenic support. You will find 5 day detox programs and more, designed for our 2020 wellness program... over 12 weeks

Every Monday we launch a brand new product or two or three. Check back each Monday for our Addition


Note about our Products : they are not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any disease. Please consult a physician before using any product. Some adaptogens like Maca root are not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. Before using any wellness product if currently taking other medications or have any type of medical condition, check with your physician

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Picture of Boosted : A Superfood Sprinkle

Boosted : A Superfood Sprinkle

Get Free shipping in January on your entire order when you add this product to your cart A super nutrient packed blend. Made from sprouted seeds, a hand crafted blend of seasonings including garlic, chilies, onion, Himilayan pink sea salt and superfoods such as spirulina and chlorella. Carefully blended with nutritional yeast for an all important vitamin B boost and a little cheesy flare.
$29.95 $19.95
Picture of Jan Cust Special : Chocolate Lovin' Grab n Go Protein Box

Jan Cust Special : Chocolate Lovin' Grab n Go Protein Box

Over 50% off in January with any order over $40. One per order. SMOOTHZ IT! Busy lifestyles demand quick, easy and nutritious solutions. High protein, low fat and total deliciousness! Mix with water or milk or blend up a delicious frozen Smoothz with Ice and water or milk.
$21.00 $9.95
Picture of Plant Based Black Bean Protein Brownies

Plant Based Black Bean Protein Brownies

Chocolate protein bars that are rich, chocolatey, fudgy, gooey, and sinfully delicious. Gluten Free and over the top delicious. Ashwagandha is one of our key ingredients in this mix. Not only is this a protein brownie, but we've added in Ashwagandha, an adaptogen that helps release and reduce cortisol levels (a weight loss killer and response to stress)
Picture of Tigernut Birthday Cake Baked Donuts

Tigernut Birthday Cake Baked Donuts

These tigernut donuts offer impressive nutrition elements. With a base of tigernut, these donut are an amazing source of prebiotics. Tigernuts are full of resistant starch and prebiotics like the tigernut flour found in these donuts serve as the food for the good bacteria in our gut. In order for the good bacteria to survive, we need to feed it good prebiotic support, like tigernuts, found as the base for this yummy baked donut mix
Picture of Turmeric AM Tonic

Turmeric AM Tonic

Boost immunity and stave off illness with this warm morning tonic. We promise, this isn't like a medicinal drink but a warming tonic .. almost latte made with turmeric and other superfoods for a morning boost.
Picture of KETO O-mega Nutty Truffles

KETO O-mega Nutty Truffles

The ULTIMATE Truffle with HUGE nutrition profile and perfect for anyone following a KETO diet Our truffle mix boasts the following healthy-you awesomeness ✅Sugar Free + KETO + Gluten Free + Plant Based - will fit into any of these diet points of views and needs! ✅ Protein Packed with Plant based protein sources ✅ Hemp Infused means these bites are a powerhouse for Super Omega-6 nutrition ✅ Great for KETO followers that need a boost of electrolyte balance. We've added brazil nuts, almonds and pepitas (to name a few) into our nutty truffles for great magnesium addition into your daily nutrition profile
Picture of Dark Chocolate Lovin' Overnight AM Power Bowl

Dark Chocolate Lovin' Overnight AM Power Bowl

Plant Based morning goodness. More than just another overnight oat breakfast blend. Powered with super plant based nutrition all the way. You definitely don't need to feel guilty about enjoying all this chocolaty goodness in the mornings!
Picture of KETO Adaptogenic Toffee Chocolate Crunch

KETO Adaptogenic Toffee Chocolate Crunch

If you tried our KETO Crack from our 12 days of baking event, then you'll LOVE this riff on the "crack" Our KETO Adaptogenic Toffee crunch offers the same great toffee-cracker combination with NEW health benefits We've loaded our cracker crunch with whey protein powder, maca root powder and mushroom powder for stress busting support (our adaptogens of choice for our mix).
Picture of Adaptogenic Mushroom Mocha Latte

Adaptogenic Mushroom Mocha Latte

No Sugar, No Carbs. Perfect KETO Friendly mocha latte with mushroom power. We've combined arabica coffee, espresso and cocoa together with a unique blend of mushrooms : chaga (for antioxidants, overall wellness, and immunity), reishi (for calm, relaxation, and sleep), lion’s mane (for brain function and focus), and cordyceps (for performance, adaptogenic effects, and increased oxygen flow). A delicious but incredibly powderful adaptogenic hot drink for health
Picture of KETO Gut Healing Cinnamon Dolce Latte with Collagen

KETO Gut Healing Cinnamon Dolce Latte with Collagen

Our Gut healing Cinnamon Dolce Latte features collagen peptides and is a metabolism boosting and gut healing . KETO Friendly. 1g net carbs per serving.
Picture of KETO Chocolate Fudge Overnight No Oats

KETO Chocolate Fudge Overnight No Oats

Perfect overnight oats, without the oats! These keto-friendly, low-carb heavenly overnight breakfast 'no-oat' bowls have all the flavor and texture of your fave oaty-cousin without the carbs. Filled with healthy fats, fiber and flavor, this is a super go to for those on the go mornings! Just add your fave nut milk !