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Picture of Chippity Almond Protein & Energy Bar

Chippity Almond Protein & Energy Bar

Hand Crafted protein and energy bar mix made with Quinoa, Oats, White Chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, slivered almonds, added fiber and whey protein. 10g of protein per serving, as prepared. Makes an 8x8 pan. Limit 1 per order of any size
$16.95 $3.50
Picture of Fruit, Seed & Nut Energy & Protein Bar

Fruit, Seed & Nut Energy & Protein Bar

Ditch the store-bought packaged nut and fruit bar and opt for this one! Easy to make and filled with quality ingredients. A mix of fruit, nuts and seeds. Flax and Chia for fiber support and whey protein for healthy-you muscle fuel. 7g of protein per serving. Makes an 8x8 pan.
$16.95 $10.95
Picture of Fiber UP! Energy & Protein Bar

Fiber UP! Energy & Protein Bar

Bran, wheat germ, flax! Three healthy additions to this bar make this a perfect Fiber filled snack with added protein. An easy no-bake protein bar takes less than 10 minutes to make. Filled with sultana raisins and a mix of nuts, fruit and seeds. 7g of protein in every serving, as prepared. Makes an 8x8 pan
$15.95 $9.95
Picture of THE SINK


the ultimate sugar free cookie After a year in the vault, we're excited to bring back our sugar-free cookie mix Indulge in a delicious cookie delight packed with chocolate, coconut, almonds, and more. And the best part? This cookie is not only delicious but also keto, sugar-free, and naturally gluten-free. Introducing the SINK cookie, a delicious and nutritious cookie that packs a punch of flavor. We've loaded this cookie with sugar-free chocolate, coconut, almonds, sugar-free nut clusters, and more to create a sweet and satisfying snack. And to keep you fueled and full, we've added extra protein and fiber support. With 12 to 14 cookies per mix, the SINK cookie is the perfect solution when the cookie monster cravings hit. So go ahead, indulge in a healthier cookie experience with the SINK.