Happy Gut Health

You may have already heard of probiotics and new research shows that prebiotics actually may do more for your gut health than probiotics, according to a top functional medicine doctor Frank Lipman (and the author of The New Rules of Aging Well: A Simple Program For Immunity Resilience, Strength, and Vitality )

According to Dr. Lipman "Prebiotics are sourced from insoluble fiber, which, unlike soluble fiber, isn't broken down by the body before reaching the small intestine. "Prebiotics make their way into the small intestine and then themicrobiome [where the gut bacteria lives] uses it to feed the gut bacteria," he says. Both soluble and insoluble fiber are important for gut health, and most fiber-rich foods have both types. "

Prebiotics are one tool in your arsenal to combat the bad bacteria in your gut. Good bacteria thrive when you feed them prebiotics. Adding prebiotics to your diet and taking probiotics changes the microbial activity in your gut, fortifying the number of good bacteria. This increase in good bacteria can help limit the amount of harmful bacteria.

Benefits of Good Bacteria:

The beneficial bacteria that populate the digestive tract of people who consume prebiotics work in a variety of ways including -

  • protecting against harmful bacteria
  • regulating the response of the immune system
  • strengthen the bowel wall and lining
  • improve digestion
  • help product vitamins such as B12, vitamin K, thiamine
  • increase the absorption of some minerals
  • helps regulate weight
  • improves hearth health