Halloween EZINE 2022

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Make these darling cookie monster sandwich cookies with the kiddos this year! Great for your Halloween-trending parties. Delicious edition to your frightfully delicious platters. We've included a super-sized chocolate chip cookie mix along with natural marshmallows for your teeth and eyes, small chocolate morsels for the eyeballs, and a perfectly colored frosting mix using only natural plant-based colors for the mouths. Make delicious and fun-inspired Halloween treats this season. Makes 7 to 10 monsters
Picture of Creepy Crawly Monsters

Creepy Crawly Monsters

Looking for a fun and festive way to celebrate Halloween this year? These are those! No bake, easy to make, monster-iffic treats that are sure to be a hit with the little ghouls and goblins! And! You don't need ANY other ingredients to make them! We have it all covered! They are so easy to make even the littlest monsters can help. Plus, they’re absolutely delicious – your family and friends will be begging for more! Kit includes creepy crawly mix, white and dark chocolate, candy eyes, and natural plant-based food dyes. Makes 12 to 20 Creepy crawly Monsters
Picture of Pumpkin Patch Buns

Pumpkin Patch Buns

Looking for a fun and festive way to celebrate the season? Do you Bake has got you covered with our Pumpkin Patch Buns! These slightly sweet, easy-to-make buns are shaped into adorable pumpkins and are sure to get you into the celebrating spirit. Whether you enjoy them for breakfast, as a snack, or even as dessert, our Pumpkin Patch Buns are perfect for any occasion. Includes pumpkin bun mix, shaping strings, shaping guide, and cinnamon sugar butter mix Makes 12 - 18. Just add pumpkin puree and water for the buns, butter for the cinnamon sugar
Picture of Monster Bark

Monster Bark

Looking for a Halloween treat that comes together in no time? This is it! A fun no ovens required treat for the kids. Kit packaged with green monster bark mix, candy eye-balls, chocolate sprinkles, and natural gummy worms Makes a 9 x 13 pan size of bark
Picture of Witches Brew Potion Punch

Witches Brew Potion Punch

With Halloween around the corner, it's time for a spooky witch's brew! Our witches brew includes a grape and fruit flavored punch, naturally colored using purple yam. Makes enough for 10 to 12 drinks. You can make your potion one at a time or as a whole big punch. Works great mixed with a lemon-lime soda. Fantastic just with water and even more amazing mixed into vanilla ice cream. Package includes Halloween-inspired decorations and toppers (black and white sprinkles)
Picture of Witches Cauldron + Swamp Dip

Witches Cauldron + Swamp Dip

Get ghoulishly creative this Halloween with our Witches Cauldron and Swamp Dip kit. Perfect for Halloween party appetizer fun! Such a festive and fabulous activity. Includes pumpernickel bread mix, black biscuit mix using food-grade activated charcoal for your cauldron handle and black biscuit dippers, spinach swamp dip mix featuring green spirulina for an extra swampy dip look. Includes full baking and activity instructions Packaged in our limited edition Holiday box. Makes enough dip for 10 to 12 servings.


Get Apple-lovin' during apple season and make your own caramel and candy apples with the kiddos! We provide : ✅The Caramel Mix ✅The Red Candy Apple Mix, naturally colored using plant dye of course! ✅ Wooden Dowels (12), fun red and white straws (12) for your candy apples ✅ Candy Bags and Twist Ties (24 ea) ✅An easy-to-follow instruction sheet Make your own DIY Candy and Caramel Apple Bar using THESE TOPPINGS included in kit ✅ Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips ✅ White Chocolate Chips ✅ Mini Marshmallows ✅ Crushed Cookie Crumble ✅ Fun Sprinkles ✅ Candy Coated Chocolate Candies Enough to make anywhere from 10 to 12 candy apples and 10 to 12 caramel apples (depending on their size, of course) and the fun definitely begins when you decide on all the delicious dippin' good toppings and swirls! a FUN Fall-inspired Project! Packaged in our exclusive seasonal gift box
Picture of Monster Cookie Pudding Cups

Monster Cookie Pudding Cups

These cute cups are filled with vanilla pudding, tinted with natural plant based green dye, filled with crumbled cookie pieces and topped with natural marshmallow eyes with chocolate chips used as eye balls. All THIS! Included in this fun no bake kit that kiddos of all ages will have fun creating, making and eating! Perfect for your Halloween kiddo party. Perfect for an adult Halloween party too!