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Great Snacks Choice to Lose Weight at Work

Great Snacks Choice to Lose Weight at Work

Last week, we mentioned almonds, roasted chickpeas, popcorns(lightly seasoned), pears, and Yogurt are great healthy food you can bring to your office as snacks. If you can replace your junk foods with these foods, you will definitely see a change.

If those five foods just simply not your favorite, or actually you hate them, then how about these five?

#1 - Hardboiled eggs.

You can chop them at home and bring easy to grab slices for your snacks. They may be a popular breakfast food, but eggs can also be a good snacking option if you’re trying to lose weight. They do not only make you feel full but also make you stay energized because of the protein they contained. Studies also show that eggs can help stabilize blood sugar, so you’re less likely to suffer from sugar spikes during the day.

#2 - Whole grain crackers.

You’ll probably crave carbohydrates during your day. It’s hard to focus at work while you’re fighting a carbohydrate craving. Instead of ignoring it, you can satisfy it with whole grain crackers. Select varieties that have lower calories and more fiber. 

#3 - Edamame.

This popular health food can be a fun and quick snack at work. Edamame, or young soybeans, are easy to eat while you’re working. They provide protein and fiber to help you lose weight. These low-calorie snacks taste great with some seasoning, so you may want to sprinkle some herbs, salt, or pepper on top.

#4 - Cauliflower.

This vegetable has fiber and protein, but it doesn’t have many calories. One way to enjoy cauliflower at the office is to cut it up at home and bring a sealed cup of your favorite dip. The vegetable tastes great with ranch or bean dip. You can also try hummus dips. Of course, It would be a weight-loss weapon if you eat it without seasoning.

#5 - Dried fruits.

You’ll have to eat this snack in moderation because of the high sugar content, but it’s perfect for fighting a craving. If you want something sweet at the office, then consider some dried fruits. Dried fruits have fiber and vitamins that can help you stay healthy. Raisins, apricots, strawberries, and other fruits are popular choices.


If you love to snack while you work, then you can pick healthier options and still lose weight. The key is to find healthy foods that you’ll enjoy eating at the office.


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1/23/2021 4:35 PM
Great tips! I do most!