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About our Best By Labels and Dates Practices

We print our packaging boxes in very large print runs to redue paper cost and save you money on the product pricing!   They include best by dates at the time of initial printing that will take us through a few months of production capacity. After that, we add a new date label to extend the date to the true best by date of the ingredients. 

We constantly manufacture our products. We are not warehousing large quantities of products that sit for years and we do not spray our products with oils to artifically extend their shelf-life (even if the oil is natural).

While we do not make our products fresh to order (that would be highly impractical and would take a long time for you to receive your order), our products are currently processed in smaller batches (some even hand crafted!) as opposed to super large batches you may often find with  large manufacturers and thus our products do not sit on shelves for years before they make it to your home. 

Our product best by dates can vary from product to product and time of purchase and can vary when you purchase the same product based upon our small batch cycles. 

The stick on labeled date reflects the current best by date of the product produced inside the box. 

Please note: this is not a relabeling date of old products. We never relabel any product with a new date.   We would never do that.  We are simply updating predated boxes which are obsolete.  

Unsure if it's our label? Contact us! with a photo and we can insure and verify label authenticity!


According to Canadian Food Labeling
Voluntary Declaration
Foods with a shelf life greater than 90 days (e.g., cereals, semi-dry cured or dry cured sausage, etc.) are not required to be labelled with a "best before" date and storage information or a packaging date and durable life information.


Similarly in USA FDA requirements

voluntary Declaration

With the exception of infant formula, the laws that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) administers do not preclude the sale of food that is past the expiration date indicated on the label. FDA does not require food firms to place "expired by", "use by" or "best before" dates on food products. This information is entirely at the discretion of the manufacturer.