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Fall Asleep Quickly by Changing Your Surroundings

Fall Asleep Quickly by Changing Your Surroundings

The lifestyle tips we talked through in the last article will help you, but if for whatever reason, they are not working too well so far, we do have some more tips for you. And this time, it’s not about you, but about your surroundings.

Before we get into that, please don’t give up changing your lifestyle by using those methods. Since your sleep quality really depends on the way you live and the way you manage your life. It might take a longer time to see the result but it will last longer.


Now, your environment can work for you or against you. A few simple changes could make your nights more restful and your days more productive.

#1 - Block out noise.

Keep your bedroom quiet. Turn on a fan or a pink noise recording to block out loud neighbors and car alarms. If you still notice the noise, try some earplugs to help you.

#2 - Dim the lights.

Darkness prepares your brain for sleep. Hang heavy curtains in your bedroom or wear a sleep mask. On the other hand, morning light will help you wake up and feel drowsy later in the day.

#3 - Adjust your temperature.

Setting your bedroom thermostat to 60 to 67 degrees overnight is optimum for most adults. You may also feel sleepier after a warm bath or shower as your body cools down.

#4 - Turn off your devices.

Set a curfew on watching TV and browsing online. Shutting off electronic devices at least two hours before bed will minimize your exposure to bright screens and excess stimulation. 

#5 - Check your bedding.

How old is your mattress? Visit a sleep store for the latest in memory foam mattresses, weighted blankets, and other products that might work for you. A good set of mattresses, pillows, and blankets will definitely make things easier for you.


Falling asleep quicker can increase the quantity and quality of your sleep. Try natural home remedies for reducing the time you spend tossing and turning and talk with your doctor if you need more assistance.



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