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Exercising on a Budget: Get in Great Shape Without a Gym Membership

Exercising on a Budget: Get in Great Shape Without a Gym Membership

Who says you need a gym to get in great shape? The prevalence of gyms is a relatively recent phenomenon. There have always been people in great shape, with or without a gym membership. You can avoid the fees, travel time, and other inconveniences and get in shape without leaving your home or neighborhood.


You don’t need a lot of equipment or time to dramatically change your body and fitness level. Even if you’re not thriving financially, you can still build a body you can be proud of. Your doctor will be thrilled, too.

Use these strategies to get in the best shape of your life without stepping into a gym:

#1 Calisthenics

Your body weight is all the resistance you need to get in great shape. Remember gym class back in the day? You would do push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and other calisthenics. There are plenty of exercise examples online.


Set up a simple program and try to do just a little more each week. You can make great progress if you’re consistent. A few hundred pushups each day will do wonders for your upper body without needing a gym membership.

#2 Jump rope.

A jump rope is inexpensive and a great form of exercise. You can get your calves, heart, and lungs in amazing shape. Take it easy at first until you get back in the swing of things. Jumping rope is great for your coordination, too. Jump rope with a friend for double the fun.

#3 Run, walk, bike, hike.

Running and walking are free. If you already have a bike, biking is free, too. These can be great cardiovascular exercises which enhance your health in numerous ways. 

Hiking can be more challenging than walking. You can spend some time in nature, too. Hiking can also be a great group activity if you don’t feel like getting in shape alone. All you need is some suitable footwear for the terrain.

#4 Yoga.

Yoga is another option you can do in the comfort of your home or at the park. There are many videos available on the topic. A morning routine of following along with a yoga program on TV can change your life.


These are some options that are 100% free and, most important, easy to access. The point of workout lies in the frequency in most cases. Going for a 20 mins walk every single day will benefit you more than doing a sweaty workout 40 mins one time per week. 


Check out your goals and set up those easy-access exercises and start right now! It’s simple if you just do it a little bit every day!

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