Essential Health Tips for Desk Workers

Essential Health Tips for Desk Workers

Working at a desk may look safe, but it can take a toll on your physical and mental health. While the occupational hazards in an office are different from those at a construction site or hospital, it’s still wise to take some precautions.

A growing number of studies have raised concerns about the effects of sitting for long periods, which can include increased risk of heart conditions, diabetes, certain cancers, and weight gain. That’s especially troubling considering that the average American spends more than 10 hours a day sitting. Add job-related stress to the mixture, and you can see how the consequences can start to add up.

Learn what steps you can take to counteract the downside of your desk job. Start with these ideas for protecting your health and wellbeing.

#1 - Adjust your posture.

Slouching can cut off your circulation and make your lower back ache. Try drawing your shoulder blades down and back to open up your chest. A lumbar support pillow may help too.

#2 - Take frequent breaks.

Studies show that moving around about every half hour reduces the negative effects of sitting. In fact, it may be even more effective than regular exercise. Make it a habit to stretch or walk around your office for a few minutes.

#3 - Align your wrists

Typing with bent wrist could lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. You can prevent it from resting them occasionally, and ensuring your workstation is set up ergonomically. Make sure the hights of your seat, table and computer are right and fit you, so you don’t be forced to keep in the wrong position.

#4 - Rest your eyes.

If your eyes are dry, and your vision is blurred, you may be staring at the computer screen too long. Look away occasionally and do eye exercises like blinking or staring at something in the distance.

#5 - Stay hydrated.

Drinking plenty of water helps to maintain your body temperature, metabolism, and heart health. Aim for 8 glasses a day.

#6 - Bring snacks.

It’s easier to resist the vending machines when you have a supply of wholesome foods. Good choices include nuts, baby carrots, and hummus. This way you’re unconsciously consuming healthy food and staying far from those junk food!

#7 - Pack your lunch.

Save money and calories by bringing your lunch to work. You can prepare it the night ahead if you tend to run out of time in the morning.


If you read until here, you probably find out that all these tips could be bound together. For example, you could set an alarm for resting 10 mins every hour. During your rest, you can inspect yourself if you’re in the right posture(not slouching, chest opened), make sure that you move around(go to washroom), and finish one glass of water! Try these tips and tell us if you feel any difference after all in the comment!

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